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Monday, March 07, 2005


I was halfway through writing a lengthy journal on the Recharge@ZoukFest rave last weekend when I decided it was going to be yet another boring story. There weren’t any pictures taken by me as I don’t have a camera and my girlfriends didn’t bring theirs either.

Basically, the rave was a success. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t enjoy too much of it myself as I was preoccupied with arranging tickets for people, giving people their tickets, checking in rooms for people, giving them their keys, opening doors for them, showing them the way, eating with them, delivering food to them … and the likes. One or two of the above mentioned would be fine but I was basically doing all of the above up till midnight before I actually had a chance to join the party.

The crowd was overwhelming. I think almost 20,000 people turned up for the rave. It wasn’t a scene in a nightclub due to its outdoor nature but it sure was helluva crowd! I’m pretty sure most of my regular joints were rather deserted since I bumped into many foosers there. Besides being physically occupied with the aforementioned tasks, my mind was busy thinking about Sean and whether I should have made him come up or not. Stayed in Ghetto most of the time with Mandy, Jess and Ji.

Anyway, KY and ST have written their reviews of the weekend. I didn’t do much up there apart from running around, walking up and downhill and giving away some money to dear ol’ Uncle Lim.

My Mocha had a good drive up and a so-so drive back down. Mandy made a rather good co-driver/mom replacement/ lecturer/screamer/director etc … as she kept me well awake and alert throughout the entire journey.

There’s a nice canteen in Ria Apartments serving tasty home-cooked halal Chinese dishes for a lower, tax-free meal.

Apart from that … the weekend was alright for me … spent a little more money than usual but it was all good. I know I would have enjoyed it much more if Sean was there…


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