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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Doe - Eyed

Doing some work for my manager.

The day was pretty boring. Wanted so much to stay in bed this morning, was tempted to fake an MC. Decided against it and came to work anyhow. Arrived a little early, but someone beat me to opening up. Did the usual hanging around, checked my mails and opened up my chat clients.

After browsing through some blogs only did I realize I have yet to review the movie “Sepet” which I’m about to do. I assume most of you would have watched the show if you had any interest whatsoever. If my assumptions are wrong however, I would like to warn you that this is quite a spoiler for those who haven’t watched.

Sepet is truly a Malaysian movie. It would take a Malaysian to understand the movie from head to tail, reason being it’s cultural, historical and morality contents that relate to our everyday lives.

The movie sets off in a typical morning market scene, with Jason (Ng Choo Seong) playing a VCD peddler and Orked (Sharifah Amani) in a love at first sight scene. The locations were very realistic, a smart choice of setting the story in Ipoh.

P.S … correct me if I make any mistakes along the way as I have poor memory, worsened by the fact I’ve only watched it once before.

Jason is taken aback by this untypical scene of a Malay girl seeking Chinese shows. Lin in this show portrays quite the usual best friend who is always opinionated and protective over her friend. I like the part where she sarcastically mentioned in awe that Jason even had a London name. I was very much like Orked, and Lin reminded me very much of Mandy :)

And so the movie hit of which much chemistry between the two leads. I also think that the parents were well cast, although the roles in the movie seemed to be too good for reality, since Orked’s parents did not object to the inter-racial relationship. I would however understand Jason’s mom’s support in the relationship as she herself has some kacukan blood. It was funny though, watching a cat and dog situation (Jason speaking in Cantonese with his mom replying in Malay)

The plot continues into the wooing process, the dates, and the sweet nothings they say to each other. It was cute to hear Orked call Jason Sayang. In contrast with real life however, I do not think that a 7As student would work as a VCD peddler. The reality in the show is the part where the Malay girl gets 5As is eligible for a scholarship but the 7As Chinese boy didn’t get anything.

To cut a long story short, go watch the movie. All I would say is, the show has a different ending, not quite the ending of your truly ideal love story where they get married and live happily ever after. It’s reality. Don’t talk on the phone while driving/riding a bike/blablabla

More spoilers can be found here, here and here :)

Two thumbs up for Yasmin Ahmad. Keep the good work coming in.