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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Sorry for not writing. Ran into some trouble on Sunday night, just as I was prepared to give the rest of my evening to Sean. He came by in the evening with a friend to play mahjongg and then she left and we were just hanging around not doing much except talk … cuddle and talk. Just as we were about to get into action … my client calls. Couldn’t be arsed to answer. She then sms-es me saying

“I trust you have an improved visual to present to me tomorrow before the meeting”

I was dumbfucked.

Date noted on my calendar for the big meeting was on the TWENTY SECOND (READ: 22nd) but it seems that I misread the date which was purportedly supposed to be the 21st. I was just speechless. SOS-ed boss, boss was pissed. Called the client, explained to her that NOPE, didn’t have a visual prepared … she was ok and asked me to just make sure boss comes for meeting on Monday.

Settled that … was a little shaken. Went for dinner at SS2, ran some errands and sent him back. Boss sms-ed saying to meet in office at 7am. Got home and knocked out.


Monday, woke up a tad too late, arrived at office at 7.30 or so. Decided to open up only to find that someone changed a lock and I didn’t have the key. Gostan and went down to mamak to chow on canai. Boss finally arrived at 8, opened up, talked abit, was lectured … and then finally left at 9.15 or so. The meeting was scheduled for 9.30

Arrived at the meeting almost at 10 … Sat there like a cibai.

Meeting was fucking long … ended around 12.30 or so. Hung around, saw some clients then went for lunch. Got back to the office at 4 or so. A day wasted. Worked like a dog to finish off some stuff and finally left at 10. Interesting?

Will write about the party later. Meanwhile, you can read the reports from KY and ST … with lots of pictures.

Spoiler Alert : Be prepared to see gross, disturbing images including same-gender French kissing and puke covered faces. Enjoy :)