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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dear Diary ...

Here I am, trying to figure out what to blog about on this Saturday night. It’s 10.24 pm as I type and I’m sitting in front of my PC still trying to figure out what to write.

Work has been a bitch mainly because of the sudden invasion of jobs from this one particular client. Sean was away since Thursday and I miss him. At the same time, there also is this sudden invasion of the ex-flame (as in FLAME, just fire, never was the bf) and this other dude. I’m not proud of the fact I’ve got 3 different guys in my life, making life superbly difficult for me.

2 minutes have passed. I was intending to just hang around till about 10.45 or so before heading to Taman Tun to pick Leo up (since that’s the only way I can possibly drag him to AsiaCafe) and then to pick Margie up and THEN go to AsiaCafe. The night is starting rather late today, as it did yesterday.

I was awaken by an SMS (by golly!) at 8.30 am or so asking me to go for breakfast since my friend was literally around the corner (at that acupuncture place) waiting for his mom. Wanted to go to Rajus but I conveniently forgot that music theory exams are this morning and La Salle school is rather … packed on days like these. Made a U Turn and ended up in Kavithas for Canai and such.

Decided to call my student’s mom to check what time she’s sending Nick for class (to replace last Sunday’s lesson as I was in Genting). It was approaching 10am and she mentioned class at 10.30. Rushed home to change and flew over to Sri Petaling. Taught 3 kids, then came home.

The weather was too hot for anything. My ex-college iACT was having it’s Open Day at the DU Multipurpose hall and I intended to meet up with some of my ex-classmates but it was TOO HOT to do that at 2pm. Came home, switched on the air cond and pc and watched The O.C (Season 2 Episode 15) and then napped.

Woke up at 4.30 or so, called Stephen, arranged to meet him at the Open day. Got my ass up and about and headed over. Crowd was … BAD. Lepakked with Shuks, Sabrina and Jayme. Was at the park with Sabrina, talking and catching up under the trees, in the company of the cooling breeze, when Stephen came over to join us. Chit chatted quite a bit… Sabrina left and we continued chatting. Finally left at around 6pm to go to 1 Utama.

Had dinner with the girls … saw Kit a.k.a. Landslyde at some F1 promotion. Had yummy-licious claypot mouse tail noodles, followed by tea with Leo and his sister Lana. Left there to go yum char with Stephen in SS2 mamak … and then headed home.

Was about to get ready to go pick Leo and Margie up when sister was getting ready to leave. She was staying over at her friend’s place for the night before she heads out to the airport to go to Hong Kong (on a business trip) in the morning. Dear sister casually left her house keys instead of her car keys behind. Exchanged keys with her on my way to pick Leo up.

Got to Asia Café (finally) and foosed quite a bit. Just got home not too long ago (it’s 3.50am now). Kinda left abruptly just now hence the long time consumed writing this post. Will be on my way to bed now so … GOOD NIGHT!! :)



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