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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Certified Loner

It’s pathetic sometimes, to finish work at 9 pm, in the company of two rather interesting colleagues – who (NO NOT GAY) but attached. Both in their own ways had to finish work and rush back to attend to their dearest girlfriends. Then I ask myself how come I don’t get to enjoy such luxury …

Tired at 9 pm, I scrolled through my phone book in vain, called the three guys I mentioned in my earlier post, as well as other people including Jessica. All were busy … one was too tired, one was still at work and the other well … he just didn’t answer.

And so I decided to screw it all, save myself some phone credit and head over to Petaling Street to find the infamous claypot “lou shu fun” but couldn’t find a decent enough parking space so I decided to just head home. My tummy growled to the sounds of Good Charlotte’s (still playing the same cassette) Bloody Valentine when I decided to just go have my favourite Hokkien Noodles near my house. Bumped into fooser Jason whilst there.

Sometimes I rant too much. Thinking back, it’s not exactly the first time I’ve eaten alone. In fact, I’m rather used to eating alone since I AM a loner and it’s nice to enjoy your meal ALONE without having to worry about ANYONE while you eat in peace, savoring every single bite.

Time to shower and watch the L word. It’s a nice, erotic, sensual and totally horny show. It’s not porn … go look it up :)