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Thursday, March 10, 2005



5 fucking jobs on my hand.

Looks like the holidays have REALLY come to an end. No more partying and lepakking, back to serious working.


At the moment I have 2 jobs that have been pre-assigned to me, 1 job that’s handed over to me and another 2 fresh jobs that came in today after which another 1 is due in sometime next week.

Anyway, was supposed to watch Sepet last night again but Jack couldn’t get tickets so we ended up watching Boogieman. I shan’t review this movie, but all I would say is IT SUCKS! The storyline wasn’t the least scary, the act-ors/tresses were very B rated and the plot was just … cheesy. The ending was abrupt but did not leave the viewer a craving for Part-II of any sort. I will not waste my time ranting … it sucked!

KY has written something about Sepet

Yesterday was boring… left work at 7-ish. Was supposed to pop by Sean’s place to pass him something but he told me not to rush over as he had to stay home from 8pm onwards (some Chinese superstition bout the spirit of the dead visiting on the 7th day). Since I didn’t need to rush, dropped by some fashion place to check out their new collection but alas, there was nothing new. Got home in time for dinner. Mom cooked up some “belated birthday” dinner for Juju (the elder sister). Wendy was there too.

Finished dinner ran upstairs to shower and called Jackjack. He came to pick me up promptly at 9 and we headed off to find a mamak in Telawi, Bangsar. By the time we came close enough to finding a parking spot, it was close to 9.30 leaving us enough time for 1 drink and maybe 3 cigarettes before the movie was due to start. Didn’t bother with that and headed straight to Mid Valley.

Bumped into some of my clients at the car park and later in the cinema. They were off to watch Sepet and I was to watch Boogieman. It’s funny how people often tease when they see a male and female together at dinner or at the movies. If that were true, I think I would be worthy of being called the girl who changes boyfriends like she changes underwear.

Finished the movie and headed to PJ State’s Pan Bakery for some tea before Jacko sent me home.

I feel a little lonely, yet liberated since Sean’s away till the weekend. Am planning to either go out with the gang or play foosball or do something of that sort tonight, IF I manage to get off work early.

Off to finish more work … Toodle-loo


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