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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shit @ Work

People generalize it as usual working shit.

I think its total bull shit. Don’t get me wrong … I love my job. The problem lies in the person who pays my monthly salary. Honestly, I think he’s just sick somewhere up there.

Work has been super busy lately. To top the stress off that, some things have happened in the office within a very short span of time which kind-of shook me awake. I’ve decided not to reveal what at this point of time but after consulting some people who would know better, it made me realize that there may be something surfacing in the near future.

Please don’t mind the ranting.

Apart from all that shit, work is still a bitch, clients are still pretty much bitches and so is everything else surrounding it. Perhaps the only good thing that would seem good is my love life but on the contrary … I think I’m taking it a wee bit too far.

Anyway … just got home from Ampang. Was home pretty early today after telling my boss that I won’t be going back to the office since it was taking me a good half hour per 3 kms or so, crawling on the federal highway. After boss gave his blessings, I just exited at amcorp and ran home. Friend asked me to go see a room with him since the tenant was only available this late at night. Got there, got the room, and evaluated the main tenant. VERY gay.

Time for bed.

Nope my headache’s aren’t quite over yet. Still need to find a nice big bungalow with nice rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Do tell if you know of any … minimal budget.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Too much shit has been going on in my life

I haven't had the time to actually sit down, ponder and write.

Work has been a total bitch ... just too much emotions and personal thoughts involved in the proccess. A lot of shit has been going on in my life. Too much to think about.

The usual pig (Me Lah) can't even sleep in peace at night. I wake up like 4-5 times a night, I just wake up, stare at the ceiling, think about scary ghosts and then go back to sleep. Deep down somewhere, I have some sort of a mental disturbance. I can't identify it ... all I know is something isn't right.

I'm up unsually early at 7.30am , effortless. In fact I was snoozing since 7 because there wasn't much point in waking up too early.

It's 8am. About time to get to work. SO MUCH TO DO, so little time. SIGH

Friday, March 25, 2005

Pissing ....

Totally pissed off with work

It’s freaking Good Friday and all I want is to make it a point to go to church for service. I didn’t even take half day leave or leave early. I’m sitting in the office waiting for the client’s final approval before proceeding with the rest of the job. Fair enough, it’s my responsibility. I’m waiting for him to approve the work and whilst waiting, I’m fuming because there is a big possibility I won’t make it in time for church at 8. Why?

Boss calls at 6 saying there is an urgent job that needs to go out urgently. Fair enough, I’m willing to come back to work but NO he wants me to stay till he gets back which looks like 7pm or so since he’s on his way back from KLANG and traffic WILL definitely be a bitch. While waiting here, doing absofuckinglutely nothing, I just had to write. Release tension …

Work is such a bitch. The biggest bitch in the world. Bigger then ever before. Sigh.

By the looks of it, I’ll be stuck at work for a long time and I won’t be surprised if my mom needs to wait for me to pick her up at 10.30 later. She’s going for a wedding at Renaissance hotel.

Life has been just work. I think I’ll just send mom home, and snuggle up to my human pillow tonight. Work tomorrow. So much for alternate working Saturdays. Bah!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Sorry for not writing. Ran into some trouble on Sunday night, just as I was prepared to give the rest of my evening to Sean. He came by in the evening with a friend to play mahjongg and then she left and we were just hanging around not doing much except talk … cuddle and talk. Just as we were about to get into action … my client calls. Couldn’t be arsed to answer. She then sms-es me saying

“I trust you have an improved visual to present to me tomorrow before the meeting”

I was dumbfucked.

Date noted on my calendar for the big meeting was on the TWENTY SECOND (READ: 22nd) but it seems that I misread the date which was purportedly supposed to be the 21st. I was just speechless. SOS-ed boss, boss was pissed. Called the client, explained to her that NOPE, didn’t have a visual prepared … she was ok and asked me to just make sure boss comes for meeting on Monday.

Settled that … was a little shaken. Went for dinner at SS2, ran some errands and sent him back. Boss sms-ed saying to meet in office at 7am. Got home and knocked out.


Monday, woke up a tad too late, arrived at office at 7.30 or so. Decided to open up only to find that someone changed a lock and I didn’t have the key. Gostan and went down to mamak to chow on canai. Boss finally arrived at 8, opened up, talked abit, was lectured … and then finally left at 9.15 or so. The meeting was scheduled for 9.30

Arrived at the meeting almost at 10 … Sat there like a cibai.

Meeting was fucking long … ended around 12.30 or so. Hung around, saw some clients then went for lunch. Got back to the office at 4 or so. A day wasted. Worked like a dog to finish off some stuff and finally left at 10. Interesting?

Will write about the party later. Meanwhile, you can read the reports from KY and ST … with lots of pictures.

Spoiler Alert : Be prepared to see gross, disturbing images including same-gender French kissing and puke covered faces. Enjoy :)

Sunday, March 20, 2005


The party was GREAT. Never have I seen so many friends DRUNK in one night. I Must say that KY throws the BESTEST parties in the world. I WILL post about this later ... for now, my duty as resident girlfriend is completed as all my girlfriends are in safe hands/beds .... Good Night!

Saturday, March 19, 2005


A few previous posts have been removed for safety reasons.

Sorry for not writing, I've lost my browsing privileges in the office and have since been engrossing myself in loads, tones and heaps of work.

Will be attending the Faggoty Tri-Birthday bash at KY's house later. Hope to see you there :)

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Gotta find me an angel
To fly away with me
Gotta find me an angel
Who set me free
My heart is without a home
I don't want to be alone
Gotta find me an angel
In my life

Too long have I loved
So unattached within
So much that I learn
That I need somebody so
Still I'll just go on
Hoping that I'll find someone

Gotta find me an angel in my life

I know there must be someone, someone for meI've lived too long without the love of someone
And there's no misery, like the misery I feel in me

Gotta find me an angel in my life
She'll be there, now don't you worry
Keep looking now just keep looking

someone dedicated this song to me.... i sense a strong hint ... sigh

Had dinner all alone again today.. Am begining to acustom myself to this type of serinity ... Work sucks and I'm buried 6 feet deep. Will go and bury myself under my covers and just knock out. GoodNight~

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Interesting Analogy...

Read something interesting HERE ... Very well said ... :)

Certified Loner

It’s pathetic sometimes, to finish work at 9 pm, in the company of two rather interesting colleagues – who (NO NOT GAY) but attached. Both in their own ways had to finish work and rush back to attend to their dearest girlfriends. Then I ask myself how come I don’t get to enjoy such luxury …

Tired at 9 pm, I scrolled through my phone book in vain, called the three guys I mentioned in my earlier post, as well as other people including Jessica. All were busy … one was too tired, one was still at work and the other well … he just didn’t answer.

And so I decided to screw it all, save myself some phone credit and head over to Petaling Street to find the infamous claypot “lou shu fun” but couldn’t find a decent enough parking space so I decided to just head home. My tummy growled to the sounds of Good Charlotte’s (still playing the same cassette) Bloody Valentine when I decided to just go have my favourite Hokkien Noodles near my house. Bumped into fooser Jason whilst there.

Sometimes I rant too much. Thinking back, it’s not exactly the first time I’ve eaten alone. In fact, I’m rather used to eating alone since I AM a loner and it’s nice to enjoy your meal ALONE without having to worry about ANYONE while you eat in peace, savoring every single bite.

Time to shower and watch the L word. It’s a nice, erotic, sensual and totally horny show. It’s not porn … go look it up :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Haven’t been feeling well.

Went to see the doc during lunch and wriggled myself a half day mc. Nearly couldn’t get away from the office as there was much to do but managed to find my way anyhow.

Came home and slept, woke up for dinner and am now sitting here, writing this post.

KY’s having a party. I doubt I’ll have time to make cookies. Can I bring something else???

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dear Diary ...

Here I am, trying to figure out what to blog about on this Saturday night. It’s 10.24 pm as I type and I’m sitting in front of my PC still trying to figure out what to write.

Work has been a bitch mainly because of the sudden invasion of jobs from this one particular client. Sean was away since Thursday and I miss him. At the same time, there also is this sudden invasion of the ex-flame (as in FLAME, just fire, never was the bf) and this other dude. I’m not proud of the fact I’ve got 3 different guys in my life, making life superbly difficult for me.

2 minutes have passed. I was intending to just hang around till about 10.45 or so before heading to Taman Tun to pick Leo up (since that’s the only way I can possibly drag him to AsiaCafe) and then to pick Margie up and THEN go to AsiaCafe. The night is starting rather late today, as it did yesterday.

I was awaken by an SMS (by golly!) at 8.30 am or so asking me to go for breakfast since my friend was literally around the corner (at that acupuncture place) waiting for his mom. Wanted to go to Rajus but I conveniently forgot that music theory exams are this morning and La Salle school is rather … packed on days like these. Made a U Turn and ended up in Kavithas for Canai and such.

Decided to call my student’s mom to check what time she’s sending Nick for class (to replace last Sunday’s lesson as I was in Genting). It was approaching 10am and she mentioned class at 10.30. Rushed home to change and flew over to Sri Petaling. Taught 3 kids, then came home.

The weather was too hot for anything. My ex-college iACT was having it’s Open Day at the DU Multipurpose hall and I intended to meet up with some of my ex-classmates but it was TOO HOT to do that at 2pm. Came home, switched on the air cond and pc and watched The O.C (Season 2 Episode 15) and then napped.

Woke up at 4.30 or so, called Stephen, arranged to meet him at the Open day. Got my ass up and about and headed over. Crowd was … BAD. Lepakked with Shuks, Sabrina and Jayme. Was at the park with Sabrina, talking and catching up under the trees, in the company of the cooling breeze, when Stephen came over to join us. Chit chatted quite a bit… Sabrina left and we continued chatting. Finally left at around 6pm to go to 1 Utama.

Had dinner with the girls … saw Kit a.k.a. Landslyde at some F1 promotion. Had yummy-licious claypot mouse tail noodles, followed by tea with Leo and his sister Lana. Left there to go yum char with Stephen in SS2 mamak … and then headed home.

Was about to get ready to go pick Leo and Margie up when sister was getting ready to leave. She was staying over at her friend’s place for the night before she heads out to the airport to go to Hong Kong (on a business trip) in the morning. Dear sister casually left her house keys instead of her car keys behind. Exchanged keys with her on my way to pick Leo up.

Got to Asia Café (finally) and foosed quite a bit. Just got home not too long ago (it’s 3.50am now). Kinda left abruptly just now hence the long time consumed writing this post. Will be on my way to bed now so … GOOD NIGHT!! :)


Thursday, March 10, 2005



5 fucking jobs on my hand.

Looks like the holidays have REALLY come to an end. No more partying and lepakking, back to serious working.


At the moment I have 2 jobs that have been pre-assigned to me, 1 job that’s handed over to me and another 2 fresh jobs that came in today after which another 1 is due in sometime next week.

Anyway, was supposed to watch Sepet last night again but Jack couldn’t get tickets so we ended up watching Boogieman. I shan’t review this movie, but all I would say is IT SUCKS! The storyline wasn’t the least scary, the act-ors/tresses were very B rated and the plot was just … cheesy. The ending was abrupt but did not leave the viewer a craving for Part-II of any sort. I will not waste my time ranting … it sucked!

KY has written something about Sepet

Yesterday was boring… left work at 7-ish. Was supposed to pop by Sean’s place to pass him something but he told me not to rush over as he had to stay home from 8pm onwards (some Chinese superstition bout the spirit of the dead visiting on the 7th day). Since I didn’t need to rush, dropped by some fashion place to check out their new collection but alas, there was nothing new. Got home in time for dinner. Mom cooked up some “belated birthday” dinner for Juju (the elder sister). Wendy was there too.

Finished dinner ran upstairs to shower and called Jackjack. He came to pick me up promptly at 9 and we headed off to find a mamak in Telawi, Bangsar. By the time we came close enough to finding a parking spot, it was close to 9.30 leaving us enough time for 1 drink and maybe 3 cigarettes before the movie was due to start. Didn’t bother with that and headed straight to Mid Valley.

Bumped into some of my clients at the car park and later in the cinema. They were off to watch Sepet and I was to watch Boogieman. It’s funny how people often tease when they see a male and female together at dinner or at the movies. If that were true, I think I would be worthy of being called the girl who changes boyfriends like she changes underwear.

Finished the movie and headed to PJ State’s Pan Bakery for some tea before Jacko sent me home.

I feel a little lonely, yet liberated since Sean’s away till the weekend. Am planning to either go out with the gang or play foosball or do something of that sort tonight, IF I manage to get off work early.

Off to finish more work … Toodle-loo

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Doe - Eyed

Doing some work for my manager.

The day was pretty boring. Wanted so much to stay in bed this morning, was tempted to fake an MC. Decided against it and came to work anyhow. Arrived a little early, but someone beat me to opening up. Did the usual hanging around, checked my mails and opened up my chat clients.

After browsing through some blogs only did I realize I have yet to review the movie “Sepet” which I’m about to do. I assume most of you would have watched the show if you had any interest whatsoever. If my assumptions are wrong however, I would like to warn you that this is quite a spoiler for those who haven’t watched.

Sepet is truly a Malaysian movie. It would take a Malaysian to understand the movie from head to tail, reason being it’s cultural, historical and morality contents that relate to our everyday lives.

The movie sets off in a typical morning market scene, with Jason (Ng Choo Seong) playing a VCD peddler and Orked (Sharifah Amani) in a love at first sight scene. The locations were very realistic, a smart choice of setting the story in Ipoh.

P.S … correct me if I make any mistakes along the way as I have poor memory, worsened by the fact I’ve only watched it once before.

Jason is taken aback by this untypical scene of a Malay girl seeking Chinese shows. Lin in this show portrays quite the usual best friend who is always opinionated and protective over her friend. I like the part where she sarcastically mentioned in awe that Jason even had a London name. I was very much like Orked, and Lin reminded me very much of Mandy :)

And so the movie hit of which much chemistry between the two leads. I also think that the parents were well cast, although the roles in the movie seemed to be too good for reality, since Orked’s parents did not object to the inter-racial relationship. I would however understand Jason’s mom’s support in the relationship as she herself has some kacukan blood. It was funny though, watching a cat and dog situation (Jason speaking in Cantonese with his mom replying in Malay)

The plot continues into the wooing process, the dates, and the sweet nothings they say to each other. It was cute to hear Orked call Jason Sayang. In contrast with real life however, I do not think that a 7As student would work as a VCD peddler. The reality in the show is the part where the Malay girl gets 5As is eligible for a scholarship but the 7As Chinese boy didn’t get anything.

To cut a long story short, go watch the movie. All I would say is, the show has a different ending, not quite the ending of your truly ideal love story where they get married and live happily ever after. It’s reality. Don’t talk on the phone while driving/riding a bike/blablabla

More spoilers can be found here, here and here :)

Two thumbs up for Yasmin Ahmad. Keep the good work coming in.

Monday, March 07, 2005


I was halfway through writing a lengthy journal on the Recharge@ZoukFest rave last weekend when I decided it was going to be yet another boring story. There weren’t any pictures taken by me as I don’t have a camera and my girlfriends didn’t bring theirs either.

Basically, the rave was a success. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t enjoy too much of it myself as I was preoccupied with arranging tickets for people, giving people their tickets, checking in rooms for people, giving them their keys, opening doors for them, showing them the way, eating with them, delivering food to them … and the likes. One or two of the above mentioned would be fine but I was basically doing all of the above up till midnight before I actually had a chance to join the party.

The crowd was overwhelming. I think almost 20,000 people turned up for the rave. It wasn’t a scene in a nightclub due to its outdoor nature but it sure was helluva crowd! I’m pretty sure most of my regular joints were rather deserted since I bumped into many foosers there. Besides being physically occupied with the aforementioned tasks, my mind was busy thinking about Sean and whether I should have made him come up or not. Stayed in Ghetto most of the time with Mandy, Jess and Ji.

Anyway, KY and ST have written their reviews of the weekend. I didn’t do much up there apart from running around, walking up and downhill and giving away some money to dear ol’ Uncle Lim.

My Mocha had a good drive up and a so-so drive back down. Mandy made a rather good co-driver/mom replacement/ lecturer/screamer/director etc … as she kept me well awake and alert throughout the entire journey.

There’s a nice canteen in Ria Apartments serving tasty home-cooked halal Chinese dishes for a lower, tax-free meal.

Apart from that … the weekend was alright for me … spent a little more money than usual but it was all good. I know I would have enjoyed it much more if Sean was there…

Saturday, March 05, 2005

J-Lo : Up In The Sky

J-Lo will be away for today.

She will be up in Genting for the ZoukFest (partially) and in the casino (most of the time).

Those who are going up ... hope to bump into you there
Those who aren't going up ... go paint KL red ... the streets WILL be empty.

Have a good weekend!!!