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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Happy New Year darlings!

Woke up rather early this morning to ferry mom to market and pick cleaner up. Came back and lazed in front of PC, napped on bed ... and ... dunno what else.

FINALLY the car salesman called me around noon to pick up car. Unker Toi happened to be online and I persuaded him to come pick me up to bring me to go collect my car (THANKS a zillion darling ... you really were a darling)

Got my car, stood under the sun a little, went to Zouk to take vanity pix of my car, went back to Desa Pandan to have McDonalds and drop Unker back to his car ... dropped cookies off at Derek's house, dropped by KY's house to take more vanity pix and THEN headed home.

Honked the Honker when I got home and mom came out beaming with pride. See she chose the colour of my car and it sure as hell turned out gorgeous :)

We had sumptious steamboat dinner with lots of fishballs, sotongs and crabs. Ling and me literally gobbled up the sotongs and fishballs while mom and Matt wolfed down the crabs whilst Godma and Juju just ... ate everything else :P

Finished the food, cleaned up and proceeded to play mahjongg in my crib. Mun Hon came along later to join us/replace Ling and then sent Matt home after mamak-ing in Steven's Corner Pandan Indah.

Here are some pictures of my hubby. Off to bed now. Ling will hang on to my PC whilst I slumber and she'll sleep after I wake up at like 6 am ... see tomorrow is not only Chinese New Year ... It also happens to be Ash Wednesday and thats how the family will begin the day ... at 6 am.

Will leave you to my pictures ... while I kiss Ling goodnight ...

Haven't had the time to resize my pix but I will do in due time ... probably after I get enough sleep :)

Have a happy and prosperous New Year, Filled with Love and Abundant with Wealth and Happiness :) Gong Xi Gong Xi, Hong Pow Na Lai hehe.

Oh yeah btw .. do come by my place since most of you haven't been to my new place yet. There's lunch tomorrow (today rather) so I SHOULD be home but do inform if you intend to come by on other days.

SERIOUSLY off to bed.