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Friday, February 04, 2005

Unproductive ...

Witnessed an Accident last night when at mamak with Ling and Euji in Section 12 PJ.

Indian bugger in a 3-Series bearing number plate WEU20 tried to make illegal right/U turn. Innocent Chinese speeding Toyota Vios saw BMW's attempt and horned since he's coming at high speed (probably going at 70-80 kmph)
Indian bugger turns anyway causing collision with Vios.

Indian bugger gets down from car, looks at damage, proceeds to yell at innocent Chinese speeder.
Both parties whip up phones to call whoever, presumably do not own camera phones as pictures not taken.

Innocent mamakers some 50ms away tone down the chatter to listen to signs of rage. Guessing that each party was defending his own innocence, indian bugger said something like :-
"Who are you huh ? Tell me! Who are you ??
Innocent Chinese Speeder replies
"I am me"

Indian bugger buggers off in his rather dented 3-series and damaged pride. I'm guessing he decided not to settle it with the poor innocent chinese chap. Innocent Chinese dude scans the car, getting horned by passing vehicles wondering why he wasn't turning at a clear junction blocking their way giving him killer stares. Chinese dude finally gets into car, clearly in a daze and drives off, probably to the police station.

Scary 3-series drives past mamak some 5 minutes later and then back to the pub next to the mamak another 5 minutes after probably to destress.

Mamak session continues.


Watched the accident happen in front of my bare eyes, clearly judged that BMW was in the very wrong. Judging how the men settled the problem, one was too aggressive and insulting whilst the other was too timid. MEN ...


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