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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Permission Granted

Alrightey .. I’ve granted Hallaj the permission to scream at me since I didn’t write in a day ... or actually 2.

Let’s start with Sunday.

Sunday was the usual at work, with me waking up at 10 to 10. Just as I managed to fly to Sri Petaling by 10.10am, the Pianotec receptionist “informed” me that my student will be a little late. I casually sauntered over to the mamak to have a drink and a Roti Canai. My student finally arrived at 10.30 or so and that was how my day REALLY began.

Finished at 3 and headed back home to sleep. Mom almost brought the house down when she tried to wake me up at 5 to attend mass. Finished that and sped off to Kepong to meet colleagues for dinner. That was that … and then I headed home to pick up cookies to send to Mrs Wong of Beauty Box fame.

Monday was Sharon’s Birthday. We met up after work at Café 7 to pool and foos. Bought her a nice Lily and a yummy chocolate cake. Left the place around 1 or so and went back to Pj State to mamak at Lotus. Went to see Sean for a bit, since I didn’t see him over the weekend as his Grandma passed away. Came home and knocked out.

Tuesday – Federal Territory Day

Since KL is an FT, everyone deserted the town and infested PJ instead. Lunch hour was HELL in all parts of PJ. I myself was caught in the middle of it all, whilst running errands for mommy dearest.

Finally got home and made a point to stay in as long as possible. Didn’t go out till 10.30 when Jess came to pick me up to go mamaking. Finished that in approximately an hour and slept the night away.

My 3rd Aunt FINALLY left today. Sis and I assumed that mom was under immense stress since she was around. Dropped her off at the old Train Station in Bangsar and then came to work.

And now I’m blogging … in between my PC and the MAC, whilst checking mails, reading other blogs, reading forwarded junk, talking to my boss, composing quotations and disturbing my manager. Print is ready, time to work some more.


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