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Saturday, February 26, 2005

My Boo

What happens when you make a big boo-boo for the 3rd consecutive time? Sigh I don’t know how to make things better or right but my client called me complaining yesterday bout another big mistake made in the last job. It was my fault for not seeing into it properly but I definitely took things for granted thinking that cut-and-paste would not carry any mistakes.

I was so damned wrong. I kind of promised my boss that there won’t be any mistakes this issue but NO! This simply had to pop up. As of 6pm Friday, my boss wasn’t informed of the blunder.

First thought that came to mind was to quit … then it dawned on me that doing that is more like chickening out. No doubt it was entirely my fault as I service that particular clients’ account and I’m the supervisor and I’m the traffic and I’m the copywriter and everything else there is besides designing. First blunder was the wrong date. Second blunder was mismatched products. To add to the collection, I got the entire promotion wrong.

Now that I’ve heard from my client, I can’t wait to hear what my boss has to say when he finds out. I can’t possibly imagine the hell I would need to endure from that point forward. He would probably give me the lecture of how he never made a mistake of such degree in his 5 years of working on this one particular account.

Honestly, I feel like ramming my head through the wall and staying there till kingdom comes.

How do I face my boss? What would the consequences be? I shudder to think about Monday. In fact I feel like calling in sick.

Sigh …

Oh Well … life still has to go on.

Started my Saturday having Dim Sum with Sean in SS2 at 7am. Sent him downtown KL after that before heading home. Downloaded the OC and conveniently went to sleep at around 11. Was wakened up by Damien’s sms telling me that he should be arriving at the Banana Leaf place before 2. Margie called me soon after to tell me Sharon and she would pick me up to go together.

I don’t exactly know the name of the place we went to but it’s basically situated in Petaling Garden, near Taman Petaling Girl’s School. The food was good and so was the entertainment. The proprietor seems like a rather funny guy, showing us some tricks and questions in riddles. We in return showed him a trick in change for free drinks. We got the drinks thanks to my menthol ciggy and Galvin’s ingenious trick.

I believe if KY has photogenic memory, he would probably illustrate the proper banana leaf etiquette.

Came home to play mahjongg with Margie and Sharon. Finished that around 8 before heading out for dinner. The initial western food plan in SS3 was cancelled by Sharon therefore we ended up chowing in KFC Sunway (Margie, Jess and Moi). Was supposed to go find Sean but I guess he wanted to chill out with his buddies so I came home and here I am sitting in this bloody boring room rotting my brains out now that I’ve drained it writing this entry. Will go find something to watch … Goodnight :)


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