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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's My Life

It’s My Life

Was in a bubbly mood and decided to switch on my ICQ and saw a really old friend online. Well he’s not exactly an old friend I’ve known since I was 4 but more like this guy I met on mIRC many many years back. Don’t remember much about him but I do know I call him Loonie, he used to study some kind of architecture in TAR College and hails from Ipoh. Used to hang on the phone for hours with him but only met him once – in Dome KLCC some 6 years ago.

Anyway … was telling him bout life … my life to be precise.

See … we women just don’t complain enough. No doubt we’ve got tones of people who love us yet we think we don’t have enough.

Maybe I speak for myself. Let me give u a concise version of my life story.

Born in Assunta Hospital PJ, lived in Petaling Gardens till I was 4 and then moved to Kajang. Studied in Holy Family Kindergarten, SR Convent Kajang, SM Convent Kajang till form 2 and then SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling from form 3 – form 5. Finished school and “tried-out” TAR College, but ended up in iACT anyway. Graduated from college and started working.

Now that was 21 years of my life.

First Kiss – Kindergarten
First Dance – Kindergarten (both were different guys)
First Best Friend – MANDY KOON (STILL IS YAH)
First Address – No recollection
First Favourite Toy – LEGO (H A T E D Barbies)
First Birthday Party – Distributing chocolate and candy to classmates in primary 1
First time scoring 100% on a test – Standard 5, Math
First Pair of Jeans – Standard 5
First Crush – Standard 6
First Celebrity Crush – Jonathan Taylor Thomas
First Slow Dance – Form 1, with some random High-School guy
First e-mail address – Form 2 (jlpm@rocketmail.com) – still existant
First Boyfriend – Form 3
First French kiss – Form 3
First Intrakota Bus Ride – Form 3
First bowl – Form 3
First Visit without parents to KL – Form 4
First ACTUAL Birthday Party – Form 3, shared birthday with Mandy
First Cigarette – Form 3
First Baju Kurung – Form 3
First diary – Form 3
First Quicksilver wallet – Form 3
First Nike Socks – Form 3
First Porn – Form 3
First Job – Form 3
First Runaway from home attempt – Form 4
First time playing truant – Form 4
First time making out – Form 4
First time playing pool – Form 4
First drink – Form 4
First ACTUAL date – Form 4 (Though it was just a mamak)
First Clubbing Experience – Form 5
First Concert – Form 5
First time in KLCC – Form 5
First VCD – Form 5
First porn VCD – Form 5
First fantasy – Form 5
First college – Tar College
First mobile – 18 years old
First holiday without parents – 18 years old
First time driving – 19 years old
First time getting groped in a club – 19 years old
First accident – 19 years old
First manicure – 20 years old
First blog – 21 years old
First hairdryer – 22 years old
First …. Alamak ran out of ideas hehehe

Bored yet?

I’m super bored. It’s almost 4am on a Monday night and Woo-Hoo no work tomorrow. But Heck I’m sleepy already … finally succeeded in boring myself out. Goodnight :)