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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Was caught up in some sort of an Insurance talk last night. No I wasn’t forced, someone asked, I said yes. Now don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t entertain too much of these but I agreed this time mostly because I promised to be Sean’s first client.

I already have a policy but since mom bought it for me some 3 years ago, I was merely aware that I have a policy but didn’t quite know what it was for except for the medical card part which I only saw yesterday (when searching for the policy).

Met up for dinner at Wong Kok restaurant somewhere in SS2 followed by coffee and chit chat session at Long Black coffee house. Basically William, who’s actually Sean’s cousin’s husband or something like that, has been an agent for a fairly long time. He wasn’t too pushy or too direct. He first explained my current policy and how I will benefit from it at the end of the day, and then the perks of what his company has to offer.

My summary: Every insurance agency offers the same thing, future security. Premiums work out to be almost the same and so do the benefits. The difference is in the incentives and guaranteed sum payable after maturity or whatever crap as well as the medical benefits.

Honestly, the medical benefits kinda caught my attention. This particular agency does cover more than my current agency and the perks … very tempting.

Anyway I think I’ll keep to my promise and purchase a little something from Sean. It really doesn’t cost too much to upkeep at least a form of life insurance. The younger you start, the cheaper it gets. It’s really as simple as that. I’m looking at an additional RM70 per month … which REALLY isn’t that bad :P

The “appointment” ended around 11.30 Sped over to Sharon’s house just in time to replace Adrian at the Mahjongg Table. Didn’t play too long, just till 12.30 after which I sped over to Sean’s house for a while since it was conveniently down the road. Mom was already bugging me which kinda pissed me off as it was only 12.30am. Furthermore it was the last day of CNY AND it was kinda like the Chinese Valentines Day. I usually return at 1am but I was pissed. Mom continued calling but I was stuck at Sean’s place for a bit coz his dad was up and I reallllllly didn’t want to bump into him. Waited for 1.30 to leave. Geez that woman can scream. Got many many earfuls that night … she called me a whore.