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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Declarations of Love ...

The V-day excitement this year was somehow quieter than usual. I’ve been whoring 1U during the holidays. Yesterday was no exception, no doubt you see couples walking around hand in hand, hand-on-waist, hand-on-butt, hand-around-neck-touching-boobies … you know the ritual. The town wasn’t quite painted pink nor was there a flood of roses on every street … get my drift?

Surprisingly enough, restaurants like Dome didn’t have special Valentines set specials of any sort …

An Idea came to mind whilst wolfing down KFC at Pyramid …

Fast food outlets should come up with V-day sets to lure budget lovers. Honestly speaking, if lets say McDonalds were to offer a McValentines value meal comprising of a Large drink a Large fries and perhaps even a Larger-sized burger or just 2 burgers and throw in some couple soft toys for him and her kinda thing and market it at RM14 per set … I’d definitely go there anytime. Or maybe they could sell heart-shaped Mc-V-Nuggets …

See the thing is … I wouldn’t want to go fancy on V-day. A few years back, when Mandy was going out with HM, Cheng Wan and I butted in for a nice V-dinner at Eden KL. No biggie really… Lobsters and Crabs and stuff, red wine … candlelight settings … yadda yadda yadda. Anyway … we paid something like RM80 per person that night just to have a romantic foursome in the company of many couples. Seemed like we paid for a mass-orgy kinda thing with people going mmmm after every bite of escargot … ANYWAY

If I were to succumb to such commercialism of an originally holy day … I would so definitely celebrate love by maybe cooking dinner for him, taking him out for dinner instead of vice-versa, pluck a bouquet of bougainvilleas from the neighborhood for him … serve macaroni & cheese in a heart … silly but sweet things girls can come up with. If I had a better half, I guess I would celebrate V-day, but in my own style. But I swear I’ll give a 24 hour lecture to anyone who buys me flowers on the danged day itself. Want to buy flowers? Wait for the KLM annual tulip sale in Sg. Wang Plaza and get me a dozen or so. I’ll love you forever =)

We all celebrate love in our own ways. Some people announce it on live radio, some people buy the most expensive of gifts, some people use creativity and originality, some people waste money on balloons, gigantic cards and roses, some people wine, dine and make love, some people just buy themselves something sweet, some people stay home and wank, some people just watch TV hugging their pillows, some people fight it off in true valentines spirit …

I had a minor-major argument with Sean yesterday. It was a little hurtful but you’ve got to understand the power of an apology. Saying sorry isn’t a dent to your ego; it’s a confidence booster, a correction pen, works as good as Blanco.

Anyway … with Jon’s help I bought him a G2000 shirt. Heck it was a nice shirt, in his size and was on discount! Accompanied it with a hand-made card and voila! My work is done.

Mom showered her love by going MIA the whole of yesterday. I supposed she just wanted to spend her entire day in the company of her Mahjongg tiles.

Sis probably spent her day working.

I spent my day in the company of Margie, my pillow and Jess.

My boss declared his love to us by declaring the office a non-smoking zone. So much for my new ashtray …

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Have a good day ~~


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