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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Claypot Lou Shui Fun :P~~~~

Yup ... positively got my dose of Claypot Lou Shui Fun at Oriental Cravings last night. Overdosed on the soy sauce though, nearly killed my tastebuds.

Left the office at 5.30pm or thereabout before heading home to shower and freshen up. Finally got my bum off the chair at 6.30pm to bathe and left home at about 6.50pm. Sat through the horrid jam in Taman Tun before I finally arrived at 1 Utama. Jess arrived a few moments before me and so we met up at Kenneth Cole before heading to Oriental Cravings.

Had yummy food, and extorted money from the 2 of them to pay for their own hotel rooms in Genting. Jess was beat, having not worked in almost a year, spending a day indoors listening to bitches and bastards tell tales seemed very much hell to her. Well it’s almost like going back to school, only this takes more time and patience (or maybe not)

We finished dinner quickly and Mandy went back to work. Jess needed to get a few things i.e. a blazer, black hair bands, black hair dye and stationery. It was almost 9pm by then and we had the whole of 1Utama to search for a blasted blazer. First place that came to mind was G2000. Figured that most of the blazers were nice, but too corporate. Jess chose a nice … I-don’t-know-what-it’s-called blazer. I thought I had persuaded her enough to buy it when she decides to check Padini out. We were at the old wing of 1U and it was going to take us another 10-15 minutes to walk to the end of the new wing. We settled for Jusco. Didn’t look too good there so we headed back to G2000 and got that danged jacket.

Finished that, went back to see Mandy before heading off. She probably had a date with Euji and I had a date with the gang. KY, Leo and Damien called me to see where I was. Got to the SS3 mamak, had a couple of drinks and headed back to KY’s place to chill.

Reached home, watched Desperate Housewives and then went to bed.

I went to Genting just now to pay for the rooms. They’d bloodily better give me my double room for Theme Park hotel before I flip, cause a ruckus and condemn Genting for the rest of my life.

Lunchtime … perfect timing :)