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Friday, February 18, 2005

Certified 1U Ho …

What the heck is it with me and 1U???? I was there like 4 times already within the last 10 days… not very productive now is it?

Met up with Leo for dinner at Cravings. Reason for going there? Prompted by chiq. The Claypot “Lou Shui Fun” was pretty darned good… with bits of minced meat and fried fat bits … and of course the egg to top it all up. Washed it down very well with a Caramel Latte … went home early … to MY surprise.

Boss cleaned the air con on my side of the office yesterday. Now the office is officially smoke-free … wanna kill yourself? Go smoke outside.

Apart from that … my past 2 days have been pretty much boring, stagnant and mundane. No activity around the office, at home or anywhere else.

That’s why I haven’t written hallaj … DUNNO WTF TO WRITE!

Writer’s block ... can’t think can’t think …

Kasi suggestion sikit can ah?

Kinda at my wit’s end trying to figure out wtf to write …


Just returned from Times Square.

Purpose of going there – Lunch

Since the place is a mere 10 minutes away from the office, we figured why not … quick lunch and come back to office. Mana Tahu … the princess (me) decided to browse through cheap shoes … and so we ended up using more or less 2 hours for our “lunch break”

Oh yes, before I conveniently forget …

Made plans to go Genting on the 5th of March for the ZoukFest. In case you were wondering … tickets go for RM35 inclusive of 1 drink presale and RM45 at the door. For tickets, kindly pay me to get tickets from Matthias Chang.

I worked out some rates that could be useful ..


Zouk Fest – 5th March 2005 (Peak Period)

First World Hotel * Standard Room * RM140 * Limited Rooms 2 Pax

First World Hotel * Deluxe Room * RM165 * Limited Rooms 2 Pax

Genting Hotel * Deluxe Room * RM320 * Available * 4 Pax

Theme Park Hotel * Superior Room * RM185 * Available * 4 Pax

Probably going to play Big 2 in the studio since the bosses are all out ... ciaoz