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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another Humid New Year

Humidity is synonymous with the Lunar New Year … these few days of food, drinks and lots of laughter is accompanied by shirtless guys and sweaty palms.

Gone are the days of mahjong playing foot-on-stool “men” crunching kuachi messing up the floor whilst the womenfolk chatter while cooking for the … MEN

Gone are the days where uninhibited children light fireworks, constantly risking the loss of their fingers/toes/head/eyes … you get my drift

Gone are the days where the children follow their parents visiting … and not stay home watching astro all day

Gone are the days where RED rules and Black blows …

Gone are the days where you heard lion dances in your neighbourhood at least once EVERY day for 15 days of the Lunar New Year…


Gone are the days when I somehow managed to top 1K in angpow collections …

And so the CNY spark has come and gone … taking away a small percentage of my angpow earnings..

A Roundup of the New Year…

Day 1 – Woke up at like 6.25 am to go to church some 500 meters away for Ash Wednesday mass. Came back and proceeded to knockout til noon. People started popping by then for the annual lunch. Mom’s friends and my cousins came by to makan-makan my mommy’s chicken curry and porky pork. Got my red packets and just hung around the house. Went out ALL ALONE to visit 1st uncle, 1st cousin (on mom’s side) and 7th Aunt. The sun went down and the stars came out to play. Packed up mahjongg tools and headed over to Matt’s place to play. Unfortunately Ling wasn’t in the mood to mahjongg since Euji didn’t know how to play so we just played Big2 (Chor Tai Tee) and BlackJack that night. Ended at Steven’s Corner with lots of fried Sotong, Gizzard and Fish.

Day 2 – Mom and I finally got our lazy arses off the chair and was about to go visit my 4th aunt when her son popped by to visit. They left and we headed out to visit my aunt across the road but she wasn’t in so we came back. Mom opened the front door … and promptly disappeared to play mahjongg. I transferred some of my junk from my old car over to my new car … and then walked around the house aimlessly doing absolutely nothing. Called Margie and made plans to meet at Dome for dinner. Came home to change and grab clothes and then went to Kajang to meet up with her. Headed over to Pei Lyn’s house for mahjongg. Ended the night in the Mamak … as per usual. Spent the night in Margie’s house.

Day 3 – Woke up rather early. Dressed up and headed to Shuh Huei’s house to meet up with the gang. Played some Blackjack there till about 12pm before heading to McDonalds for some chicken burgers and fries. Proceeded to Pei Lyn’s house for Mahjongg and more food. From Pei Lyn’s house we went to Jasmine’s house ... and thence to Yean’s house. Finished the business there and went for dinner near Yean’s place (somewhere in Cheras). Ended the night at my place playing mahjongg and Blackjack.

Day 4 – Woke up, walked aimlessly around the house … then sent mom to Puchong for her daily dose. Sabrina called to say she wants to come visit so I came back and waited but she didn’t turn up in the end so I just watched Babe on tv. Jess called shortly to say she’s coming by … to get her car and lepak if I’m home. She came, watched each other and some tv. KY dropped by for food. Mathieu asked me to go watch Constantine with him and since everyone was bored, we all went to Mid Valley happily, after picking Ivan up. Ended the night in Dharoos, mamaking under the pouring rain.

Day 5 – Magically woke up in Sean’s house … ok fine I snuck in there last night since I was bored with nothing to do anyway. Finally got my lazy ass off the bed and headed to 1 Utama to lunch with Yan Tien. Bought some car wash thingy on my way home and that’s what I’m gonna do for the next few hours … Ciaoz