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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1 Week Old … TECHnically

WooHoo, it’s been a week since I got my baby Mocha and boy am I still excited.
Driving my baby has never felt better … it is after all a virgin.
The sweet smell of a virgin … just sends me drooling …
Possibly hitting 1000 kms soon … time to go for your first service baby …

Oh Me Mocha …
I’m driving around, in my car,
I’m driving too fast, I’m driving too far,
But when you reach the peak,
I promise u my love,
I promise you,
Black tint, to cool your innards,
Comfortable cushions to hug,
Sweet smelling Ambi Pur fragrances,
Greenday playing on a CD player,
Perhaps even Avril live on LCD …
But wait my love,
You’re here to stay,
I trust you,
I trust you to not fail me …
Bring me safe,
To and fro my every journey,
I swear to never abandon you.

Ok sorry I got carried away …

We had some sumptuous steamboat in Puchong yesterday, err literally translated as the “start-work-dinner”. Whole lot of us met up at some steamboat place near Tesco. Side orders were crabs, prawns and fish. Extremely filling.

Watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DVD yesterday too … gave him his shirt and thank god he loved it.

I have this motivation to blog during the earlier part of the morning at work … and perhaps it should be my ritual huh? So ideally, it would be good to read me during lunchtime. Perfect!

Eh … since I’ve been writing more regularly … refer me to some friends who are bored shitless with nothing to do la … at least something for them to do right? Thanks ya … looking forward to my counter raking in more counts yah …. Hughughughughugs …


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