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Saturday, February 26, 2005

My Boo

What happens when you make a big boo-boo for the 3rd consecutive time? Sigh I don’t know how to make things better or right but my client called me complaining yesterday bout another big mistake made in the last job. It was my fault for not seeing into it properly but I definitely took things for granted thinking that cut-and-paste would not carry any mistakes.

I was so damned wrong. I kind of promised my boss that there won’t be any mistakes this issue but NO! This simply had to pop up. As of 6pm Friday, my boss wasn’t informed of the blunder.

First thought that came to mind was to quit … then it dawned on me that doing that is more like chickening out. No doubt it was entirely my fault as I service that particular clients’ account and I’m the supervisor and I’m the traffic and I’m the copywriter and everything else there is besides designing. First blunder was the wrong date. Second blunder was mismatched products. To add to the collection, I got the entire promotion wrong.

Now that I’ve heard from my client, I can’t wait to hear what my boss has to say when he finds out. I can’t possibly imagine the hell I would need to endure from that point forward. He would probably give me the lecture of how he never made a mistake of such degree in his 5 years of working on this one particular account.

Honestly, I feel like ramming my head through the wall and staying there till kingdom comes.

How do I face my boss? What would the consequences be? I shudder to think about Monday. In fact I feel like calling in sick.

Sigh …

Oh Well … life still has to go on.

Started my Saturday having Dim Sum with Sean in SS2 at 7am. Sent him downtown KL after that before heading home. Downloaded the OC and conveniently went to sleep at around 11. Was wakened up by Damien’s sms telling me that he should be arriving at the Banana Leaf place before 2. Margie called me soon after to tell me Sharon and she would pick me up to go together.

I don’t exactly know the name of the place we went to but it’s basically situated in Petaling Garden, near Taman Petaling Girl’s School. The food was good and so was the entertainment. The proprietor seems like a rather funny guy, showing us some tricks and questions in riddles. We in return showed him a trick in change for free drinks. We got the drinks thanks to my menthol ciggy and Galvin’s ingenious trick.

I believe if KY has photogenic memory, he would probably illustrate the proper banana leaf etiquette.

Came home to play mahjongg with Margie and Sharon. Finished that around 8 before heading out for dinner. The initial western food plan in SS3 was cancelled by Sharon therefore we ended up chowing in KFC Sunway (Margie, Jess and Moi). Was supposed to go find Sean but I guess he wanted to chill out with his buddies so I came home and here I am sitting in this bloody boring room rotting my brains out now that I’ve drained it writing this entry. Will go find something to watch … Goodnight :)

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Was caught up in some sort of an Insurance talk last night. No I wasn’t forced, someone asked, I said yes. Now don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t entertain too much of these but I agreed this time mostly because I promised to be Sean’s first client.

I already have a policy but since mom bought it for me some 3 years ago, I was merely aware that I have a policy but didn’t quite know what it was for except for the medical card part which I only saw yesterday (when searching for the policy).

Met up for dinner at Wong Kok restaurant somewhere in SS2 followed by coffee and chit chat session at Long Black coffee house. Basically William, who’s actually Sean’s cousin’s husband or something like that, has been an agent for a fairly long time. He wasn’t too pushy or too direct. He first explained my current policy and how I will benefit from it at the end of the day, and then the perks of what his company has to offer.

My summary: Every insurance agency offers the same thing, future security. Premiums work out to be almost the same and so do the benefits. The difference is in the incentives and guaranteed sum payable after maturity or whatever crap as well as the medical benefits.

Honestly, the medical benefits kinda caught my attention. This particular agency does cover more than my current agency and the perks … very tempting.

Anyway I think I’ll keep to my promise and purchase a little something from Sean. It really doesn’t cost too much to upkeep at least a form of life insurance. The younger you start, the cheaper it gets. It’s really as simple as that. I’m looking at an additional RM70 per month … which REALLY isn’t that bad :P

The “appointment” ended around 11.30 Sped over to Sharon’s house just in time to replace Adrian at the Mahjongg Table. Didn’t play too long, just till 12.30 after which I sped over to Sean’s house for a while since it was conveniently down the road. Mom was already bugging me which kinda pissed me off as it was only 12.30am. Furthermore it was the last day of CNY AND it was kinda like the Chinese Valentines Day. I usually return at 1am but I was pissed. Mom continued calling but I was stuck at Sean’s place for a bit coz his dad was up and I reallllllly didn’t want to bump into him. Waited for 1.30 to leave. Geez that woman can scream. Got many many earfuls that night … she called me a whore.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Testicular ..

There is a factory in America which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys.
The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arm.

A new employee is hired at the Tickle Me Elmo factory and she
reports for her first day promptly at 0800. The next day at 0845 there is a
knock at thePersonnel Manager's door. The Foreman from the assembly line throws
open thedoor and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that
she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the
entire production line behind schedule. The Personnel Manager
decides he should see this for himself so the 2 men march down to the factory floor.

When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle
Me Elmo's ll over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up.
At the end of the line stands the new employee surrounded by mountains of
Tickle Me Elmo's. She has a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small
marbles. The 2 men watch in amazement as she cuts a little piece of fabric,
wraps it around two marbles and begins to carefully sew the little package
between Elmo's legs.

The Personnel Manager bursts into laughter. After several minutes
of hysterics he pulls himself together and approaches the woman.
"I'm sorry," he says to her, barely able to keep a straight face,
"but I think you misunderstood the instructions I gave you yesterday".
"Your job is to give Elmo two
test tickles".

*Joke Whored from a mail forward from some forwarding mail Yahoo! Group...Image whored from Google images ... and idea whored from KY :P..*

Claypot Lou Shui Fun :P~~~~

Yup ... positively got my dose of Claypot Lou Shui Fun at Oriental Cravings last night. Overdosed on the soy sauce though, nearly killed my tastebuds.

Left the office at 5.30pm or thereabout before heading home to shower and freshen up. Finally got my bum off the chair at 6.30pm to bathe and left home at about 6.50pm. Sat through the horrid jam in Taman Tun before I finally arrived at 1 Utama. Jess arrived a few moments before me and so we met up at Kenneth Cole before heading to Oriental Cravings.

Had yummy food, and extorted money from the 2 of them to pay for their own hotel rooms in Genting. Jess was beat, having not worked in almost a year, spending a day indoors listening to bitches and bastards tell tales seemed very much hell to her. Well it’s almost like going back to school, only this takes more time and patience (or maybe not)

We finished dinner quickly and Mandy went back to work. Jess needed to get a few things i.e. a blazer, black hair bands, black hair dye and stationery. It was almost 9pm by then and we had the whole of 1Utama to search for a blasted blazer. First place that came to mind was G2000. Figured that most of the blazers were nice, but too corporate. Jess chose a nice … I-don’t-know-what-it’s-called blazer. I thought I had persuaded her enough to buy it when she decides to check Padini out. We were at the old wing of 1U and it was going to take us another 10-15 minutes to walk to the end of the new wing. We settled for Jusco. Didn’t look too good there so we headed back to G2000 and got that danged jacket.

Finished that, went back to see Mandy before heading off. She probably had a date with Euji and I had a date with the gang. KY, Leo and Damien called me to see where I was. Got to the SS3 mamak, had a couple of drinks and headed back to KY’s place to chill.

Reached home, watched Desperate Housewives and then went to bed.

I went to Genting just now to pay for the rooms. They’d bloodily better give me my double room for Theme Park hotel before I flip, cause a ruckus and condemn Genting for the rest of my life.

Lunchtime … perfect timing :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Jojo Still Wannabe Foos Queen

Jojo Still Wannabe Foos Queen

What’s the newest, hottest place in town with everything MOJO JOJO loves under one roof???

  • Food
  • Foosball
  • Pool
  • Girls
  • Guys
  • Foosball
  • Foosball


Fingers itchy and tummy hungwee? Well head down over to SS15 Subang Jaya, right opposite INTI College (where the old Cinema stood) to Asia Café. Huge place with a huge food court and super huge chill-out Asia Club. Do come … I’m guessing people are only coming through word of mouth … but it’s really another extension to the overwhelming young market (referring to overpacked Café 7 and Rack Café)… pool and foosball are the in things now!!!

Whats this foosball you ask?

Well basically foosball is table soccer. I’m not gonna whore anything off the net so go google it yourself or click here to perhaps … read more

Fingers itchy!

Evening started in church.

Had dinner with Jess, Margie and the gang in Misai SS2 followed by lots of foosball in Asia Club. Foosed a LOT of balls …. And then came home to sleep

Might just head down tonight again …. But me wrist hurts …. HOW?

Oh and I might just have claypot lou shui fun for dinner again tonight @ Oriental Cravings 1Utama. Looking forward to getting off work … possibly at 5.30 today. Till then … marilah-mari .. kita berfoosball!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Bought a Good Charlotte cassette to play in the car.

Was listening to it yesterday on my way home from work and I stopped at this one particular song – emotionless.

I replayed the song at least 5 times, singing it over and over again.

I wept beneath those sunshades. It reminded me of dad …

Hey dad,

Writing to you

Not to tell you that I still hate you

Just to ask you how you feel

And how we fell apart

How this fell apart

Are you happy out there in this great wide world?

Do you think about your sons?

Do you miss your little girl?

When you lay your head down

How do you sleep at night?

Do you even wonder if we’re alright….

But we’re alright

We’re alright

It’s been a long hard road without u by my side

Why weren’t you there all the nights that we cried?

You broke my mother how you broke your children for life

It’s not ok but we’re alright

I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes

But those were just a long lost memory of mine

I spent so many years learning how to survive

Now I’m writing just to let you know I’m still alive

The entire song, short of the part about your sons … relived memories of the past 3 years suffering without daddy by my side.

In actual fact, this song was written about a father who abandoned his children.

I related to this song in the sense that daddy just left me one sudden day.

It’s been a long hard road without u by my side

It’s almost 3 years daddy … I’m still using the PC you left for me. 3 long and painful years have passed and everytime I light up, you come to mind. Sometimes I wished I could just kill myself faster so that I could go and be with you and tell you how much I miss you and how sorry I was …

I think about you every night before I sleep … there’s just no replacement for the void … as bad as you were, as mean as you were, as childish as you were … nothing’s gonna bring you back. I still can’t accept that fact daddy… I still can’t …

I’m sorry daddy … I made you a promise that I’ll come back and see you … I thought you would wait for me … why didn’t you daddy why ???

That solemn night replays in my head as a nightmare daddy … I waited for mom to come back to bring me to see you … you knew I couldn’t drive yet … I went to work, and waited for mommy. She didn’t come back … instead she called. She was by your side daddy… At that time … you were already drifting away. Why didn’t you wait daddy … WHY?

Nothing can bring back even those mere last moments. The oxygen machine was still pumping … trying to resuscitate you … but you were already sleeping … why daddy … why?

I miss you daddy …

Who’s going to walk me down the aisle?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Certified 1U Ho …

What the heck is it with me and 1U???? I was there like 4 times already within the last 10 days… not very productive now is it?

Met up with Leo for dinner at Cravings. Reason for going there? Prompted by chiq. The Claypot “Lou Shui Fun” was pretty darned good… with bits of minced meat and fried fat bits … and of course the egg to top it all up. Washed it down very well with a Caramel Latte … went home early … to MY surprise.

Boss cleaned the air con on my side of the office yesterday. Now the office is officially smoke-free … wanna kill yourself? Go smoke outside.

Apart from that … my past 2 days have been pretty much boring, stagnant and mundane. No activity around the office, at home or anywhere else.

That’s why I haven’t written hallaj … DUNNO WTF TO WRITE!

Writer’s block ... can’t think can’t think …

Kasi suggestion sikit can ah?

Kinda at my wit’s end trying to figure out wtf to write …


Just returned from Times Square.

Purpose of going there – Lunch

Since the place is a mere 10 minutes away from the office, we figured why not … quick lunch and come back to office. Mana Tahu … the princess (me) decided to browse through cheap shoes … and so we ended up using more or less 2 hours for our “lunch break”

Oh yes, before I conveniently forget …

Made plans to go Genting on the 5th of March for the ZoukFest. In case you were wondering … tickets go for RM35 inclusive of 1 drink presale and RM45 at the door. For tickets, kindly pay me to get tickets from Matthias Chang.

I worked out some rates that could be useful ..


Zouk Fest – 5th March 2005 (Peak Period)

First World Hotel * Standard Room * RM140 * Limited Rooms 2 Pax

First World Hotel * Deluxe Room * RM165 * Limited Rooms 2 Pax

Genting Hotel * Deluxe Room * RM320 * Available * 4 Pax

Theme Park Hotel * Superior Room * RM185 * Available * 4 Pax

Probably going to play Big 2 in the studio since the bosses are all out ... ciaoz

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1 Week Old … TECHnically

WooHoo, it’s been a week since I got my baby Mocha and boy am I still excited.
Driving my baby has never felt better … it is after all a virgin.
The sweet smell of a virgin … just sends me drooling …
Possibly hitting 1000 kms soon … time to go for your first service baby …

Oh Me Mocha …
I’m driving around, in my car,
I’m driving too fast, I’m driving too far,
But when you reach the peak,
I promise u my love,
I promise you,
Black tint, to cool your innards,
Comfortable cushions to hug,
Sweet smelling Ambi Pur fragrances,
Greenday playing on a CD player,
Perhaps even Avril live on LCD …
But wait my love,
You’re here to stay,
I trust you,
I trust you to not fail me …
Bring me safe,
To and fro my every journey,
I swear to never abandon you.

Ok sorry I got carried away …

We had some sumptuous steamboat in Puchong yesterday, err literally translated as the “start-work-dinner”. Whole lot of us met up at some steamboat place near Tesco. Side orders were crabs, prawns and fish. Extremely filling.

Watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DVD yesterday too … gave him his shirt and thank god he loved it.

I have this motivation to blog during the earlier part of the morning at work … and perhaps it should be my ritual huh? So ideally, it would be good to read me during lunchtime. Perfect!

Eh … since I’ve been writing more regularly … refer me to some friends who are bored shitless with nothing to do la … at least something for them to do right? Thanks ya … looking forward to my counter raking in more counts yah …. Hughughughughugs …

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Declarations of Love ...

The V-day excitement this year was somehow quieter than usual. I’ve been whoring 1U during the holidays. Yesterday was no exception, no doubt you see couples walking around hand in hand, hand-on-waist, hand-on-butt, hand-around-neck-touching-boobies … you know the ritual. The town wasn’t quite painted pink nor was there a flood of roses on every street … get my drift?

Surprisingly enough, restaurants like Dome didn’t have special Valentines set specials of any sort …

An Idea came to mind whilst wolfing down KFC at Pyramid …

Fast food outlets should come up with V-day sets to lure budget lovers. Honestly speaking, if lets say McDonalds were to offer a McValentines value meal comprising of a Large drink a Large fries and perhaps even a Larger-sized burger or just 2 burgers and throw in some couple soft toys for him and her kinda thing and market it at RM14 per set … I’d definitely go there anytime. Or maybe they could sell heart-shaped Mc-V-Nuggets …

See the thing is … I wouldn’t want to go fancy on V-day. A few years back, when Mandy was going out with HM, Cheng Wan and I butted in for a nice V-dinner at Eden KL. No biggie really… Lobsters and Crabs and stuff, red wine … candlelight settings … yadda yadda yadda. Anyway … we paid something like RM80 per person that night just to have a romantic foursome in the company of many couples. Seemed like we paid for a mass-orgy kinda thing with people going mmmm after every bite of escargot … ANYWAY

If I were to succumb to such commercialism of an originally holy day … I would so definitely celebrate love by maybe cooking dinner for him, taking him out for dinner instead of vice-versa, pluck a bouquet of bougainvilleas from the neighborhood for him … serve macaroni & cheese in a heart … silly but sweet things girls can come up with. If I had a better half, I guess I would celebrate V-day, but in my own style. But I swear I’ll give a 24 hour lecture to anyone who buys me flowers on the danged day itself. Want to buy flowers? Wait for the KLM annual tulip sale in Sg. Wang Plaza and get me a dozen or so. I’ll love you forever =)

We all celebrate love in our own ways. Some people announce it on live radio, some people buy the most expensive of gifts, some people use creativity and originality, some people waste money on balloons, gigantic cards and roses, some people wine, dine and make love, some people just buy themselves something sweet, some people stay home and wank, some people just watch TV hugging their pillows, some people fight it off in true valentines spirit …

I had a minor-major argument with Sean yesterday. It was a little hurtful but you’ve got to understand the power of an apology. Saying sorry isn’t a dent to your ego; it’s a confidence booster, a correction pen, works as good as Blanco.

Anyway … with Jon’s help I bought him a G2000 shirt. Heck it was a nice shirt, in his size and was on discount! Accompanied it with a hand-made card and voila! My work is done.

Mom showered her love by going MIA the whole of yesterday. I supposed she just wanted to spend her entire day in the company of her Mahjongg tiles.

Sis probably spent her day working.

I spent my day in the company of Margie, my pillow and Jess.

My boss declared his love to us by declaring the office a non-smoking zone. So much for my new ashtray …

Image whored from Google images

Have a good day ~~

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another Humid New Year

Humidity is synonymous with the Lunar New Year … these few days of food, drinks and lots of laughter is accompanied by shirtless guys and sweaty palms.

Gone are the days of mahjong playing foot-on-stool “men” crunching kuachi messing up the floor whilst the womenfolk chatter while cooking for the … MEN

Gone are the days where uninhibited children light fireworks, constantly risking the loss of their fingers/toes/head/eyes … you get my drift

Gone are the days where the children follow their parents visiting … and not stay home watching astro all day

Gone are the days where RED rules and Black blows …

Gone are the days where you heard lion dances in your neighbourhood at least once EVERY day for 15 days of the Lunar New Year…


Gone are the days when I somehow managed to top 1K in angpow collections …

And so the CNY spark has come and gone … taking away a small percentage of my angpow earnings..

A Roundup of the New Year…

Day 1 – Woke up at like 6.25 am to go to church some 500 meters away for Ash Wednesday mass. Came back and proceeded to knockout til noon. People started popping by then for the annual lunch. Mom’s friends and my cousins came by to makan-makan my mommy’s chicken curry and porky pork. Got my red packets and just hung around the house. Went out ALL ALONE to visit 1st uncle, 1st cousin (on mom’s side) and 7th Aunt. The sun went down and the stars came out to play. Packed up mahjongg tools and headed over to Matt’s place to play. Unfortunately Ling wasn’t in the mood to mahjongg since Euji didn’t know how to play so we just played Big2 (Chor Tai Tee) and BlackJack that night. Ended at Steven’s Corner with lots of fried Sotong, Gizzard and Fish.

Day 2 – Mom and I finally got our lazy arses off the chair and was about to go visit my 4th aunt when her son popped by to visit. They left and we headed out to visit my aunt across the road but she wasn’t in so we came back. Mom opened the front door … and promptly disappeared to play mahjongg. I transferred some of my junk from my old car over to my new car … and then walked around the house aimlessly doing absolutely nothing. Called Margie and made plans to meet at Dome for dinner. Came home to change and grab clothes and then went to Kajang to meet up with her. Headed over to Pei Lyn’s house for mahjongg. Ended the night in the Mamak … as per usual. Spent the night in Margie’s house.

Day 3 – Woke up rather early. Dressed up and headed to Shuh Huei’s house to meet up with the gang. Played some Blackjack there till about 12pm before heading to McDonalds for some chicken burgers and fries. Proceeded to Pei Lyn’s house for Mahjongg and more food. From Pei Lyn’s house we went to Jasmine’s house ... and thence to Yean’s house. Finished the business there and went for dinner near Yean’s place (somewhere in Cheras). Ended the night at my place playing mahjongg and Blackjack.

Day 4 – Woke up, walked aimlessly around the house … then sent mom to Puchong for her daily dose. Sabrina called to say she wants to come visit so I came back and waited but she didn’t turn up in the end so I just watched Babe on tv. Jess called shortly to say she’s coming by … to get her car and lepak if I’m home. She came, watched each other and some tv. KY dropped by for food. Mathieu asked me to go watch Constantine with him and since everyone was bored, we all went to Mid Valley happily, after picking Ivan up. Ended the night in Dharoos, mamaking under the pouring rain.

Day 5 – Magically woke up in Sean’s house … ok fine I snuck in there last night since I was bored with nothing to do anyway. Finally got my lazy ass off the bed and headed to 1 Utama to lunch with Yan Tien. Bought some car wash thingy on my way home and that’s what I’m gonna do for the next few hours … Ciaoz

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Oh Me Mocha

More Pix of my babies ... just click ====> HERE <=====

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Happy New Year darlings!

Woke up rather early this morning to ferry mom to market and pick cleaner up. Came back and lazed in front of PC, napped on bed ... and ... dunno what else.

FINALLY the car salesman called me around noon to pick up car. Unker Toi happened to be online and I persuaded him to come pick me up to bring me to go collect my car (THANKS a zillion darling ... you really were a darling)

Got my car, stood under the sun a little, went to Zouk to take vanity pix of my car, went back to Desa Pandan to have McDonalds and drop Unker back to his car ... dropped cookies off at Derek's house, dropped by KY's house to take more vanity pix and THEN headed home.

Honked the Honker when I got home and mom came out beaming with pride. See she chose the colour of my car and it sure as hell turned out gorgeous :)

We had sumptious steamboat dinner with lots of fishballs, sotongs and crabs. Ling and me literally gobbled up the sotongs and fishballs while mom and Matt wolfed down the crabs whilst Godma and Juju just ... ate everything else :P

Finished the food, cleaned up and proceeded to play mahjongg in my crib. Mun Hon came along later to join us/replace Ling and then sent Matt home after mamak-ing in Steven's Corner Pandan Indah.

Here are some pictures of my hubby. Off to bed now. Ling will hang on to my PC whilst I slumber and she'll sleep after I wake up at like 6 am ... see tomorrow is not only Chinese New Year ... It also happens to be Ash Wednesday and thats how the family will begin the day ... at 6 am.

Will leave you to my pictures ... while I kiss Ling goodnight ...

Haven't had the time to resize my pix but I will do in due time ... probably after I get enough sleep :)

Have a happy and prosperous New Year, Filled with Love and Abundant with Wealth and Happiness :) Gong Xi Gong Xi, Hong Pow Na Lai hehe.

Oh yeah btw .. do come by my place since most of you haven't been to my new place yet. There's lunch tomorrow (today rather) so I SHOULD be home but do inform if you intend to come by on other days.

SERIOUSLY off to bed.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's My Life

It’s My Life

Was in a bubbly mood and decided to switch on my ICQ and saw a really old friend online. Well he’s not exactly an old friend I’ve known since I was 4 but more like this guy I met on mIRC many many years back. Don’t remember much about him but I do know I call him Loonie, he used to study some kind of architecture in TAR College and hails from Ipoh. Used to hang on the phone for hours with him but only met him once – in Dome KLCC some 6 years ago.

Anyway … was telling him bout life … my life to be precise.

See … we women just don’t complain enough. No doubt we’ve got tones of people who love us yet we think we don’t have enough.

Maybe I speak for myself. Let me give u a concise version of my life story.

Born in Assunta Hospital PJ, lived in Petaling Gardens till I was 4 and then moved to Kajang. Studied in Holy Family Kindergarten, SR Convent Kajang, SM Convent Kajang till form 2 and then SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling from form 3 – form 5. Finished school and “tried-out” TAR College, but ended up in iACT anyway. Graduated from college and started working.

Now that was 21 years of my life.

First Kiss – Kindergarten
First Dance – Kindergarten (both were different guys)
First Best Friend – MANDY KOON (STILL IS YAH)
First Address – No recollection
First Favourite Toy – LEGO (H A T E D Barbies)
First Birthday Party – Distributing chocolate and candy to classmates in primary 1
First time scoring 100% on a test – Standard 5, Math
First Pair of Jeans – Standard 5
First Crush – Standard 6
First Celebrity Crush – Jonathan Taylor Thomas
First Slow Dance – Form 1, with some random High-School guy
First e-mail address – Form 2 (jlpm@rocketmail.com) – still existant
First Boyfriend – Form 3
First French kiss – Form 3
First Intrakota Bus Ride – Form 3
First bowl – Form 3
First Visit without parents to KL – Form 4
First ACTUAL Birthday Party – Form 3, shared birthday with Mandy
First Cigarette – Form 3
First Baju Kurung – Form 3
First diary – Form 3
First Quicksilver wallet – Form 3
First Nike Socks – Form 3
First Porn – Form 3
First Job – Form 3
First Runaway from home attempt – Form 4
First time playing truant – Form 4
First time making out – Form 4
First time playing pool – Form 4
First drink – Form 4
First ACTUAL date – Form 4 (Though it was just a mamak)
First Clubbing Experience – Form 5
First Concert – Form 5
First time in KLCC – Form 5
First VCD – Form 5
First porn VCD – Form 5
First fantasy – Form 5
First college – Tar College
First mobile – 18 years old
First holiday without parents – 18 years old
First time driving – 19 years old
First time getting groped in a club – 19 years old
First accident – 19 years old
First manicure – 20 years old
First blog – 21 years old
First hairdryer – 22 years old
First …. Alamak ran out of ideas hehehe

Bored yet?

I’m super bored. It’s almost 4am on a Monday night and Woo-Hoo no work tomorrow. But Heck I’m sleepy already … finally succeeded in boring myself out. Goodnight :)

Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy Rooster Year!!!

Hey Peepz,

As the new year approaches, the workload intenstifies as the oh-so-lazy me is forced to clean the house and help the mom bake cakes. Life has been just concentrated around my still-messy house which is not the least interesting. Just in case I don't write .. I'm sorry~! If I don't call or sms .. well HAPPY NEW YEAR people!!! :)

Friday, February 04, 2005

Unproductive ...

Witnessed an Accident last night when at mamak with Ling and Euji in Section 12 PJ.

Indian bugger in a 3-Series bearing number plate WEU20 tried to make illegal right/U turn. Innocent Chinese speeding Toyota Vios saw BMW's attempt and horned since he's coming at high speed (probably going at 70-80 kmph)
Indian bugger turns anyway causing collision with Vios.

Indian bugger gets down from car, looks at damage, proceeds to yell at innocent Chinese speeder.
Both parties whip up phones to call whoever, presumably do not own camera phones as pictures not taken.

Innocent mamakers some 50ms away tone down the chatter to listen to signs of rage. Guessing that each party was defending his own innocence, indian bugger said something like :-
"Who are you huh ? Tell me! Who are you ??
Innocent Chinese Speeder replies
"I am me"

Indian bugger buggers off in his rather dented 3-series and damaged pride. I'm guessing he decided not to settle it with the poor innocent chinese chap. Innocent Chinese dude scans the car, getting horned by passing vehicles wondering why he wasn't turning at a clear junction blocking their way giving him killer stares. Chinese dude finally gets into car, clearly in a daze and drives off, probably to the police station.

Scary 3-series drives past mamak some 5 minutes later and then back to the pub next to the mamak another 5 minutes after probably to destress.

Mamak session continues.


Watched the accident happen in front of my bare eyes, clearly judged that BMW was in the very wrong. Judging how the men settled the problem, one was too aggressive and insulting whilst the other was too timid. MEN ...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

An Answered Prayer

Few weeks ago...

Me mom : No matter what faith you're of, say a prayer before you go to sleep.
Ling : (Stare kok at my mom whilst smiling)

Last night at the mamak...

Ling : I'll pay off all my debts in due time
Me : Where and when do you intend to find the money? Remember you don't have a job
Ling : Well if MAS doesn't accept me I'll just go look for another job
Me : Before you sleep tonight, say a prayer lah!

SMS from Ling earlier this evening...

...............................................yadda........................ I just called your mom. I made a prayer last night ... MAS called me to go and collect the agreement letter this friday...

The Power of Prayer. Kisah Pramugari Yang Tidak Begitu Terlampau.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Permission Granted

Alrightey .. I’ve granted Hallaj the permission to scream at me since I didn’t write in a day ... or actually 2.

Let’s start with Sunday.

Sunday was the usual at work, with me waking up at 10 to 10. Just as I managed to fly to Sri Petaling by 10.10am, the Pianotec receptionist “informed” me that my student will be a little late. I casually sauntered over to the mamak to have a drink and a Roti Canai. My student finally arrived at 10.30 or so and that was how my day REALLY began.

Finished at 3 and headed back home to sleep. Mom almost brought the house down when she tried to wake me up at 5 to attend mass. Finished that and sped off to Kepong to meet colleagues for dinner. That was that … and then I headed home to pick up cookies to send to Mrs Wong of Beauty Box fame.

Monday was Sharon’s Birthday. We met up after work at Café 7 to pool and foos. Bought her a nice Lily and a yummy chocolate cake. Left the place around 1 or so and went back to Pj State to mamak at Lotus. Went to see Sean for a bit, since I didn’t see him over the weekend as his Grandma passed away. Came home and knocked out.

Tuesday – Federal Territory Day

Since KL is an FT, everyone deserted the town and infested PJ instead. Lunch hour was HELL in all parts of PJ. I myself was caught in the middle of it all, whilst running errands for mommy dearest.

Finally got home and made a point to stay in as long as possible. Didn’t go out till 10.30 when Jess came to pick me up to go mamaking. Finished that in approximately an hour and slept the night away.

My 3rd Aunt FINALLY left today. Sis and I assumed that mom was under immense stress since she was around. Dropped her off at the old Train Station in Bangsar and then came to work.

And now I’m blogging … in between my PC and the MAC, whilst checking mails, reading other blogs, reading forwarded junk, talking to my boss, composing quotations and disturbing my manager. Print is ready, time to work some more.