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Monday, January 17, 2005

TeWwoW DwiVe

My ol’ faithful 120Y has been giving me problems. It takes much effort to wake it up and a lot of grumbling before it goes to sleep. Cranky old car … I believe the doctor is conducting a thorough check up on it before the operation begins. In the meantime, I didn’t have a choice but to drive my mom’s Mazda 323. The thing about the car is that it’s entire undercarriage and drive shaft is rusted and falling to bits. The drive thankfully was slow due to the jam but it was indeed a terror ride with the car shaking ala earthquake at ever corner and running sideways every time I braked. At least I still got to work safe and sound … able to blog too!

The day didn’t kick off too well with my sis dropping her phone first thing in the morning. Well it dropped when I passed her the phone through the grille … I’m pretty sure it was my fault for dropping it. Sowee sis … didn’t mean for it to happen. Looking on the bright side … it’s an endurance test, how well the phone survives a fall.

The weekend was spent mostly in front of a wok of boiling oil. Mom started her CNY business and I came in handy when we were frying Arrowroot bulbs. The end product tastes somewhat like potato chips but trust me, these taste a 100 times better. They don’t have the additional saltiness like potato chips when we salt it after frying. We usually soak the bulbs overnight in salt water and then slice it thinly the next day before frying. I played my part as the throwing assistant, throwing in the sliced bulbs into the wok of hot oil. Needless to say, I scrubbed my face countless times to get the grime off.

Saturday morning, Sean woke me up for breakfast. We met up at a dim sum shop in ss2 but it wasn’t all pleasant. First was the difficulty in finding a proper parking space. I was rather tired of searching for a proper spot so I blatantly parked at an illegal but un-obstructing spot, right in front of our table. Just as I dug into my yummy “siew mai”, a truckload of municipal council officers stormed towards the restaurant to clear off tables and chairs, placed illegally by the proprietors due to overwhelming business. We ourselves were sitting on one of those illegal tables but the officers couldn’t make us budge from our seats. It was nonetheless uncomfortable eating at a table with blue uniformed Malay officers standing around watching us chow on our savory pork dishes. The meal was not very enjoyed; we quickly finished up and left.

Next stop was the frame shop where Sean had a huge picture framed up for the house. His Kancil couldn’t carry it so he “borrowed” my car and service to transport the frame home. Got that back to his place and then played with his cute little puppy “Ah Boy”. Ah Boy is a tiny little shitzu puppy with a horrible tail itch. Nevertheless, he’s this little furball with a squeaky voice. Cute … *giggle*

Came home and helped mom with the frying … finished in the evening and went to Pyramid with Ling to meet a friend and walk around. We ended up playing foosball at Rack Café followed by snooker at the 4th floor of the same building. Finally got home at 2.30 and knocked out till 9 the next morning. Kinda woke up late for work on Sunday and hurriedly prepared and tried starting the car. Car didn’t budge, had to take mom’s car.It was a terror drive to and from work in a beat up car with NO AIR CONDITIONING on a HOT Sunday afternoon. Came back red as a lobster, pores wide open as if I just stepped out of a sauna.

Continued my torture in front of the wok, finishing in the evening before lounging in my room, air conditioning at full blast.

Mom was very tired from her late-night rendezvous at the Mahjongg table so she knocked out for the night at 7pm. I was tired but not sleepy so I tried my luck online to see who wanted to do dinner. Unker Toi didn’t have dinner either so he headed up to find me for dinner.

Returned from dinner and hung around the PC for a bit more before calling it a night.

Mocha Mocha Mocha … Can’t wait for my Mocha to arrive!


  • At 4:22 PM, Blogger M a r s said…

    First of all, 120Y is a nice car. At least, I kinda like it. Secondly, I just woke up about 30 mins back and didnt eat yet. The post about food makes me hungry *sobs*. Dah la I got nothing to eat now, thanks for making me feel good *sobs* :)

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