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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Survival of the fittest

A picture of a badly sun burnt woman graced the front cover of The Star today. Malawati, originally from Aceh, was swept out to sea by the Tsunami that hit Banda Aceh on Boxing Day. It’s a surprise really, for someone to be swept out so far into sea yet she was very much alive, surviving on Atap Chee.

This led to a discussion with Mommy dearest over tea earlier today. We were discussing survival methods and what we would do if we were caught in such a situation. The main cause of fatalities is drowning due to over-inhaling of salt water. What would you do if you were snorkeling in Phuket when a giant wave lifts you up and throws you down?

If I were caught in such a situation and IF I was calm enough to realize what’s happening, my instincts should tell me to let the waves throw me around and not try to fight back. If I’m lucky, the waves would actually bring me back ashore. If it doesn’t, I shouldn’t try swimming against the waves. Should I be swept out to sea, the more rational thing to do would be to keep afloat, best on the back and try not to tire myself out.

Bali has already reported debris possibly from the ruins of the Tsunami floating around. It’s perhaps only a matter of time before holiday goers in Bali see a dead body floating ashore. Gross as it may seem … It’s no laughing matter.

Death toll still rising, thousands more missing … not nice … not a very good way to end the year, what more start a new year. Sadness …

To all my fooser friends, there will be a charity DYP this Friday in aid of the Tsunami relief fund. Details can be found HERE.

As for me … well work was just work yesterday. Came home from work, had dinner, toyed around with the PC and called it a night. Back to work.


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