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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Never Ending Complaints

left out one irritable road thing …

But I left it out simply because I could at times be guilty of the same thing. But I only do it when I’m in a conscious state of mind, sober but dying to get home. The only place I do it is at the traffic light near my house.

I meant to speak of people who jump red lights.

Last night, on my way home from Section 17, I used the Asia Jaya route to get back. Since I missed the traffic light by probably 10 seconds, I took the liberty to light myself a menthol to keep me awake. When you travel oh-so-frequently on a road, the little things like potholes, bumps and traffic light timing just register naturally. Last night was no exception. I was already in 1st gear and ready to roll and I did. I must have gotten some 5meters before an IDIOT in a WHITE Honda with what seemed like 5 Indians suddenly making a turn, right on my right. It happened in a split second and thank god that idiot braked failing which he would have probably given me a broken face.

The thing about these idiots are they don’t know when to do what. Jump the red light yes? Well consider it another junction then. You don’t just cross a busy road without looking out for traffic yes? You don’t walk in to a car yes? You don’t jump a red light when there are 20 other cars on the road yes? You don’t jump a red light when it has already turned RED some 20 seconds ago yes?

Fortunately I was on the 2nd lane (basically there were four lanes. I was on the 2nd from the right) and there was a 1 tonne lorry on my right. The lorry passengers were being the usual idiots and ogling at me (I get it from Indians especially all the time) and then the driver was prepared to roll at almost the same time I was.

Now I really wished the lorry had a super turbo and had sped off in first gear which would cause the Honda severe damage. If Only …


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