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Monday, January 24, 2005

I'mma Libran!

Here's some cute eye candy for my fellow librans :)

Got this from an e-mail forward.

I remember at one point in time when DALnet was down for a year or so, I switched over to IRCnet and used a shorter nick - Librangal.

Apart from the usual Hi, asl please, among other weird introduction lines were -

1. WOW You're a librarian ?
2. Hey, didn't think I would find a librarian in IRC
3. You work library ?
4. Hi I also like go library study.

Naturally I just right click and ignore these people.

Now i'm cHeRRy^LiPs ... back in DALnet and I get the occasional smarty pants who refer to my nick as one of garbage's song ... the others come up to me and say things like ...

1. Can I Pop your cherry?
2. Mmm I love cherries
3. Ceri Kiut. Leh Kongket?

FYI Cherry Lips in my case refer to the song CHERRY LIPS by garbage. This is my chick idol

She gave you everything she had
But she was young and dumb
She'd just turned twenty-one
She didn't care to hang around
So when the shit came down
Why she was nowhere to be found
This life can turn a good girl bad
She was the sweetest thing
That you had ever seen

You're such a delicate boy
In the hysterical realm
Of an emotional landslide
In physical terms

With your cherry lips and golden curls
You could make grown men gasp
When you'd go walking past them
In your hot pants and high heels
They could not believe
That such a body was for real
It seemed like rainbows would appear
Whenever you came near the clouds would disappear
Because you looked just like a girl
Your baby blues would flash
And suddenly a spell was cast

You hold a candle in your heart
You shine the light on hidden parts
You make the whole world wanna dance
You bought yourself a second chance

Go Baby Go Go
We're right behind you
Go baby Go Go
Yeah we're looking at you
Go baby Go Go
Aw we're right behind you
Go Baby
Go Baby
Yeah we're looking at you

*lyrics from here


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