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Friday, January 21, 2005



I was actually dancing and singing “Hooray!! Hooray!! It’s a Holi-Holiday” at 6 pm yesterday.

Don’t know why but I was sort-of looking forward to today being a holiday. I know for a fact that I would need to help mom somehow around the house yet it was still fun, looking forward to a holiday.

I think my foot literally decided to step in and make me take a break. Woke up this morning with a numb foot, which later took a while to warm up before I found out that YAY my tendon decided to work up again!

Got home at noon (was at Sean’s place) and took a shower. Wanted to help around the kitchen but then my grand-aunt is there too so I had an excuse laid out for me already. Anyhow I tried to catch a nap but couldn’t fall asleep so I took it as a cue to sit here and write since Lajjie was complaining.

After ST wrote about the summons fiasco followed by a rather heated up discussion thanks to Arwen, I was more observant on the road and decided to write about what I feel is irritating.

1. Talking on the phone sans hands-free-kit swerving in and out of traffic
I was heading home after work yesterday when I saw a Wira trying to escape a jam last minute by doing a super swerve to the right, nearly knocking over an elderly man on his motorcycle. Clearly, when you’re driving and yakking on the phone without a hands-free kit, you tend to not look at all mirrors as your eyes are fixed on looking to your front. Poor innocent motorcyclists (I do believe in innocent motorcyclists) although …

2. Honda Cubs cruising the highways on the “right-lane” cum fast lane cum overtaking-lane at 60 km/h when there is a proper motorcycle lane provided.
I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THIS! It’s fine if they hog the inner lanes for all I care but not doing it especially to busses and lorries who might even NOT see them and run over them thus creating a big hoo-hah and framing the bus driver for something he didn’t do wrong … but then again …

3. Busses and lorries that enjoy sandwiching Kancils on highways
I’m about to get a Kancil and the one thing I’m worried about is getting myself sandwiched between two express busses. It’s traumatic, really, to see 2 huge asses playing catch on a busy highway with a Kancil. The poor Kancil is probably subjected to seeing two flat walls in front and at the back … not having any space or chance to switch lanes… with much restricted vision … which would lead to

4. Cars overtaking/switching lanes without any regards for oncoming cars.
I don’t drive a fast car and I’m thankful I don’t. I don’t criticize people who drive faster than the speed limit if their car allows as I do like fast cars myself. What I can’t stand is if let’s say I’m driving at 100km/h on a highway and some 100ms in front, a car with slow pickup going at 60km/h pulls up in front of me and takes another 1minute to regain speed causing me to brake hard and making me curse. Why can’t you simply cut in BEHIND ME? The first and most important rule mom taught me when I first started driving was to have precise, safe and considerate judgment. This leads me to …

5. People who drive BIG cars who CAN’T judge for nuts.
I’ve experienced more than once where people driving Harriers and Xtrails and the likes who think they own the road. Hey I love those cars but if you want to drive such a big car, you have to know how to drive it. It is understood that you would hate to scratch such an expensive car but at times, your judgment can be so bad, bad enough to cause a backlog of traffic because you can’t judge properly, afraid to scratch your beauty and have a foot on each side of you whilst driving through a narrow street. You want to drive that car, get to know the car better, its limitations and BE MORE DARING. If not, drive a lorry for practice or if you’re that paranoid, just drive a Kancil.

Btw … my colleague got his car dented by a 4wd who knocked his car coming out of the parking and just ran away. A nosy bystander with the name of “Hamba Allah” left a note informing of the incident and considerately took down the car number plate. What should my colleague do? Suggestions are welcome.


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