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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Finally told my little dealer friend to F.O.N.D and take his little bank manager “friend” along with him. Maybe he was politically correct in saying that my loan won’t be approved since I’ve only just started working but I gave it another shot by going to a proper Perodua Branch and paid my RM500 up front. If all goes well (and if the bank decides to be lenient to me) I should be getting my MOCHA sometime next week.

On the other hand, a little birdie sent me an sms saying he’s just keeping quiet because he wants … well some time alone. I respected the decision and am satisfied with a mere “you didn’t do anything wrong” which at least sent me out of depression. Call me some kind of insensitive bitch for all I care but it’s true to a certain point … I really don’t want to care too much because I don’t want to end up severely hurt in the end.

Song Playing: TLC Waterfalls

Am going on a date tonight … well actually I’m filling up for my friend since she’s away for the week. Before you get any funny ideas, Jean is my closest college girlfriend besides Quinnee and Ai Queen and Jessica Yong FQ. Mathieu is Jean’s French boyfriend of 3 years (or something like that). I’m merely going out on an innocent, friendly date with Mathieu tonight since the poor chap has been lonely and bored for the past few days without Jean around.

Speaking of my college mates … Miss Chow Quinnee, Miss Cheam Ai Queen and Miss Jessica Yong Fu Quen, Miss you LOT LOT LOT LOT LOTS!

Back to work


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