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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Glory Glory H T M L

Yes, I’ve finally taken the initiative to actually LEARN something called HTML. Although I’m not exactly learning it from scratch, it’s more like starting off small with minor tweaking to this page. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve done away without the standard blogspot header and have since put in my self-designed banner (which might be made even better after I get fireworks installed on my pc).

Yesterday was a rather boring day. Lajjie helped me toy around with my HTML till late last night. We were debating on which was the best way to resize the page header to fit into the page properly (as I originally designed the header in enormous proportions). I finally simply resized the damn thing to something smaller and uploaded it and ta-ra! Here you go!

I’m waiting for time to pass right now as Matthias Chang is busy watching the OC (which I insist on him finishing so that we can bitch about it later) before I head over to pick him up. My office (yes I’m at work) is a mere 10 minutes away (including short cuts, traffic jams and traffic lights). We’re headed up to Sg. Wang to probably foos a little and walk around window shopping. If you haven’t noticed this either, I haven’t done any Chinese New Year shopping as of yet since I’m rather low on cash and am almost reaching my spending limit budget for the month. Clothes shopping would burn a bigger hole in my pocket at this point so I’ll just settle for a few rounds of foosball and the latest fireworks installer so that I can toy around and pretty up this page.

It’s only 1.14 now and I told Matt I’ll come around 1.30 which leaves me with another 15 minutes with nothing to do. The Dell I’m working on at work isn’t very fast so I wouldn’t bother trying to run Illustrator here at the office.

Kim Gary for lunch again today? I might consider. Alrightey then … PC saus 13.20. Time to leave! Adieu ~~~