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Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday already …

Time flies. It’s already the 7th meaning the “NEW YEAR” is not going to be very “NEW” anymore.

The past few days have been rather boring, with nothing much going on in the office. I’ve yet again succeeded in killing myself by making yet another huge and terrible mistake in one of my jobs. Although the client didn’t make much noise, it really didn’t go down well with my boss. Firstly the job involved me and the same GD, doing the same type of job, in succession. My boss also made it a point to clearly mention that in the entire history with this client, he has never made such a horrid mistake. It hit my ego BADLY. The excuse “I’m new” doesn’t go down as well anymore. The rest of the day was rather sullen after we had our little “discussion” cum bambu (bombard) session.

He hasn’t fired me yet, neither has he confirmed me.

Life still goes on. I might just break the streak and let my manager handle the next job as I don’t want to be in the limelight for too long. As we’re aiming to keep this client for a long time … a small fly like me shouldn’t be the one to destroy things around here. If they’re unhappy with me … I’ll just leave.

Woke up this morning and did the same things … prettied myself up for work and headed down for a cuppa tea and a browse through the morning paper. I think the hype about the Tsunami is mellowing down a little now that humanitarian aid has arrived and billions of money channeled to the affected. Frankly speaking, I have donated minimally towards the fund at the same time I felt that I would rather buy a few cartons of bottled water and ship it over. Mom screamed saying “you stupid ah? Give money enough lah!” I wasn’t quite up for the morning spar with mom so I quietly said nothing and gracefully pulled out of the driveway.

Matt turns 23 tomorrow. Any ideas on what to get him ???


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