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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I know this may sound mean but I killed my alter-ego. http://fishiefuchs.blogspot.com does not exist anymore and has been permanently removed.

Did it in 2 minutes, deleted the blog that is. I’ll just remain happy up keeping one blog.

Boring, Boring! Am waiting for lunch to fill my tummy and then head up to Klang for real business.

Yesterday was pretty boring. Left the office at 6.30 or so and headed to Sri Petaling. Decided to skip the toll and sit in the jam but no, there simply was no jam. I arrived in Sri Petaling at around 7pm and called the hair salon. They were free so I popped by for a hair wash. Finished at 8 and headed to Pianotec to teach Ee Von.

Tuesdays are usually quiet at the school so I let my student do her theory on the reception table whilst I lounge on the sofa. I was watching this GREEN Datsun 120Y (same model as mine but a sedan) driving up the ramp of the car workshop next door to park. I didn’t get to see the driver because he/she was in quite a hurry. Anyhow, the driver probably over-estimated the power of the car’s handbrake and didn’t put a brick to secure the car atop that very steep ramp. I’ve driven this car for 2 years now and I know very well that the handbrake is heavy and is not in the best condition so whenever I park at that same spot, I usually engage in first gear.

At the corner of my eye, I saw the car roll down and figured that the driver was in a hurry to leave too. When the car backed down the ramp and stopped there for a while, my prying eyes scanned the car and realized there wasn’t a driver. Ghost? Nope. The car rolled down by itself, almost hitting a Gen 2 parked behind it and it was there for the longest time, causing a traffic jam 200 meters long.

I gathered the forces of men from the neighbouring electrical shop and the mamak and a bystander came forth to push the car back up, this time engaging it in 1st gear so that it doesn’t move unnecessarily. Topped off the deed by leaving a courteous notice to the driver informing he/she about what just happened to the car and to be more cautious when parking the car in future.

After that incident, I headed home for dinner with mom. Lounged and lazed around the house chatting online before Ling came over with Euji to pick me up for a Mamak session. We ended up in the usual PJ State mamak with some iced tea and lots of chatter. Most of the night was spent discussing our traumatic yet fun childhood spent creating much ruckus and mischief.

Finally got to come home at 2. Took the duo on a tour of my room and chilled out there for a while. Oh yeah, Ling was actually there to borrow a mattress (since she moved into her new home and didn’t have one) to sleep on. Loaded that into the car and said goodnight at 2.30

Woke up late as usual today, strolled into the office at 9.20 or so (according to the office clock which is slower) and went about my rounds. Am hoping to get my car loan approved soon so that I can be the proud new owner of a 97’ Proton Iswara.

Off to lunch now … Ciaoz :)


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