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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Date

Decided to meet Mathieu in Mid Valley.

Can you imagine JOJO, KL Road Map, LOST ???

I usually bypass a stretch of the Federal Highway because of the jam by cutting into Seputeh after the Kuan Cheng Girls' School (forgive me if this is foreign) which also leads to mid valley. Taking that road was like second nature to me and so I just took the road lah! As I turned into Seputeh, the junction before MV, I read a sign that said Jalan Seputeh ke Mid Valley ditutup dari 17 Januari 2005. Blardee hell, couldn't these mofos put up the sign like BEFORE people got onto the road?

It's already hard to make a U-turn at a not too wide dead-ended road. Try doing that at peak hour alongside 20 other people who were caught off-guarded.

My trip to Mid Valley would usually take me 20 - 30 minutes from work. It took me an additional 15 minutes to get out of that mess.

Met Mathieu at aproximately 7.30 pm (punctually) and proceeded to walk around, window shopping. Ling decided to join us for dinner so we waited for her. I bought a cute pair of pink/purple shoes which I have pictures of but they're not quite with me now.
We were practically famished when Ling finally showed up, an ONLY ordered a French Toast.

Anyhow, went to Carrefour to pick up some flour for mom's baking and then left Mid Valley. Ling and Mathieu went to Cafe 7 and I went home to change.

Foosed and Pooled there before getting home like ... NOW :)

Conversation with Mr. Alex the Doped ...

doped says:
doped says:
go update ur blog...lol
Jojo@Home says:
going lah
Jojo@Home says:
doped says:
Jojo@Home says:
u dun say me
Jojo@Home says:
u update liao or not
doped says:
hehehe not yet
doped says:
Jojo@Home says:
Jojo@Home says:
tok kok
doped says:
i'm such a bitch man
doped says:
Jojo@Home says:
Now u know ... BEEEETCHHHHHH

And now .. Bed.


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