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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bah! Humbug :|

Bah... boredom is the word of the day.

Happy Birthday Matthias Chang.

Woke up with a painful foot yesterday. Sean woke up with a toothache. It sounded pretty serious as he was quite in pain. 3 panadols took almost at hour to work up and I didn’t even need to force him to see a dentist. Turns out his tooth is incurable and either had to extract it or do a root canal. Judging from my experience, I advised him to get the root canal done. Painful and more expensive but it takes care of the problem. Extracting it would actually cost more in the long run coz you would need to either do bridging, or if you decide to leave a gap in your teeth, the structure would be affected and you might just need to spend a few more thousand wearing corrective braces.

Came home after the dentist to pick up something and rushed to deliver it to 1Utama. Was a little late but I was delayed by the dentist trip. Got that done and then came home to help mom a little with the baking and then hit the shower before heading out. It was Matt’s birthday so we decided to just go hang out, one of the things we love doing. Ling went to pick him up from Cheras and we met up at Mid Valley. Since Kim Gary was rather packed, we somehow ended up having KFC for dinner.

Bought tickets to watch meet the fockers when Jon and Mandy came along. Foosed some balls before watching the movie at 9.40 or so. The movie was hilarious, not quite slapstick but very “fockerized”. I enjoyed watching all the fockerization going on including the education of little Jack who’s first words were ASS HOOOOOOLE. Funny… humorous. Not the best but good enough.

Went back to Brewball to foos more balls while waiting for Euji before we “embarrassed” Matt by singing him the birthday song. Chowed some cake and foosed even more balls before we adjourned back to PJ to continue our lepak-king at the mamak. Chatted a lot about cars and friends and good ol’ school days.

Finally called it a night at 3am and I came home to SLEEP. Woke early enough to get to work on time and taught till 3 (taking short 5 minute naps in between classes) and then came home. Watched episode 7 of The O.C and episode 13 of 8 simple rules. Just sms-ed Afzal (an old chat friend) for a drink and will probably meet up with him later. Mandy and Matt should be coming over to play mahjong later… I guess. Off to watch episode 14 of 8 simple rules now. Ciao Ciaoz …