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Thursday, January 13, 2005


I hate power failures. First the air conditioners shut down, then the lights go out and then my PC dies a slow and painful death.

Just as well, the lights went off around lunch time, as if a sign telling people to just shut down and go for lunch. No need to consume electricity whilst out eating. Needless to say we adjourned to the nearest, open-nest place we could find around here which is the office mamak.

And so we spent close to an hour at the mamak making calls and sending messages to friends around the Klang Valley to find out how serious the blackout was. My sister sent me an Sms saying KL, Selangor, Putrajaya and Johore were affected. Mom was calm, she’s a natural.

Everyone was hoping for the rest of the day off. I’m praying now that the state is running on power generators and that it may not suffice to supply the entire Klang Valley thus blacking out once more SOON. In the meantime, I’m pressing Ctrl+S after every sentence to ensure I don’t lose this precious post.

This morning was rather busy, phone ringing the moment I stepped foot in the office. Ran down my schedule and started making calls. My inbox was receiving mail every 5 minutes, rather unusual.

I’m sleepy and tired and LAZY. Will get back to work now :) Might write again later should I find the time. Till then … Ciao Ciao ~~~


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