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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Achilles Tendonitis

It amazes me how I can be so free yet I don’t bother using my free time to blog. Woke up with the painful foot again yesterday but it hurt so much I cried (yeah I AM a Big Fat Cry Baby). Woke mom up and cried myself back to sleep next to her. Sis heard the commotion and butted in. Realizing that it was almost 8 and I needed to go see a doctor, I called my colleague to open the office, checked with my manager what I should do with my foot, sms-ed my boss to inform him I needed to go to the doc and subsequently fell asleep.

Mom woke me up an hour later (around 9 something) to go to the clinic. Managed to shower and get dressed (with much difficulty) and tried to drive. The drive was hell but thank god the clinic is less than a KM from home. Decided to try out a different doctor this time.

The clinic looked pretty dodgy at first but I loosened up when I saw professional looking older, uniformed nurses at their job. I suppose the old premises made the clinic look old too but all was good. Some clinics I’ve been to don’t even use computers for database entries. The only turn-off was the wait. I had to wait close to an hour for my turn as there were only 2 doctors on duty and many patients in waiting.

My turn finally came. I saw an older female doctor. She was all smiles, and was very welcoming. I described my pain and fears and she diagnosed it as Achilles Tendonitis, an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. She merely replied with “It’s ok. It happens to people for no apparent reason” and so she explained how the condition came about and advised me to steer clear of driving, extensive walking and other strenuous physical activities and that I was to rest and do nothing on my feet today.

And so I stayed the rest of the day at home. Mom drove us to the mamak for breakfast before dropping me off at home and heading out. The day was pretty mundane, with nothing much to do and nowhere to go, I spent most of the day either sleeping, watching TV, chatting on the phone or online. Nobody came to visit and mom was out most of the day. Sean couldn’t care less, Mandy was too lazy to come all the way here to do nothing and Ling was well … too fickle minded.

At least the leg is better now. I’m back to work and kicking … though the doc did tell me to not strain my legs as it may recur. Well it’s 5.30pm and I can’t wait to ciao!!! Hugs :)


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