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Monday, January 31, 2005

Well the average human life span is still 70 ... and I would die a happy woman if this test is somewhat true. Although a palm reader once told me I'll live till an old age .. I could have Diabetes and still live till then right ? So yeah .. live long, healthily or not. ARGH time to lose weight and stop smoking... Aunty Lilian's nagging getting to my blood ... Stop Smoking Stop Smoking Stop Smoking ... Either or. I stop smoking I'll eat more .... HOW ???

Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Breaded Affair

Just got back from Meera’s wedding. Mom woke me up at like 10 and I had ½ hour to get myself and my hair made up. Thankfully it was a short but sweet church wedding followed by super delicious Lebanese food at Le Meridian KL.

I must admit that I’m not entirely adventurous when it comes to trying out new food. Most of the time I ended up eating the variety of different breads spread out. The thing about Lebanese food is that everything comes in small portions so you just eat a little of this and that and voila! You’re all filled up. It didn’t help that their lemon tea was superb and so were the different bread spreads/dips.

I’m still stuffed. In a nutshell, Lebanese food is very foreign to me but I enjoyed it. When I remember I’ll write about the different food served. Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera so I didn’t quite get a chance to snap pictures of the food.

It was very much a family affair … with my aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces all together. Not forgetting the GORGEOUS ladies and super fine hunks. I was drooling not only on the food but also on the men. G O R G E O U S!

Thank god I’m still 21 … Since it’s a trend to only get married when we approach our 30s I’m still pretty much safe from the “when is your turn” question.

It’s raining now and I’m typing this in word so that I won’t fry my modem dry. Gonna sleep after I finish my long awaited ciggy. Might head down to Zouk for Sharon’s birthday party … If I feel like it :) Off to bed now. Ciaoz

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Date

Decided to meet Mathieu in Mid Valley.

Can you imagine JOJO, KL Road Map, LOST ???

I usually bypass a stretch of the Federal Highway because of the jam by cutting into Seputeh after the Kuan Cheng Girls' School (forgive me if this is foreign) which also leads to mid valley. Taking that road was like second nature to me and so I just took the road lah! As I turned into Seputeh, the junction before MV, I read a sign that said Jalan Seputeh ke Mid Valley ditutup dari 17 Januari 2005. Blardee hell, couldn't these mofos put up the sign like BEFORE people got onto the road?

It's already hard to make a U-turn at a not too wide dead-ended road. Try doing that at peak hour alongside 20 other people who were caught off-guarded.

My trip to Mid Valley would usually take me 20 - 30 minutes from work. It took me an additional 15 minutes to get out of that mess.

Met Mathieu at aproximately 7.30 pm (punctually) and proceeded to walk around, window shopping. Ling decided to join us for dinner so we waited for her. I bought a cute pair of pink/purple shoes which I have pictures of but they're not quite with me now.
We were practically famished when Ling finally showed up, an ONLY ordered a French Toast.

Anyhow, went to Carrefour to pick up some flour for mom's baking and then left Mid Valley. Ling and Mathieu went to Cafe 7 and I went home to change.

Foosed and Pooled there before getting home like ... NOW :)

Conversation with Mr. Alex the Doped ...

doped says:
doped says:
go update ur blog...lol
Jojo@Home says:
going lah
Jojo@Home says:
doped says:
Jojo@Home says:
u dun say me
Jojo@Home says:
u update liao or not
doped says:
hehehe not yet
doped says:
Jojo@Home says:
Jojo@Home says:
tok kok
doped says:
i'm such a bitch man
doped says:
Jojo@Home says:
Now u know ... BEEEETCHHHHHH

And now .. Bed.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Finally told my little dealer friend to F.O.N.D and take his little bank manager “friend” along with him. Maybe he was politically correct in saying that my loan won’t be approved since I’ve only just started working but I gave it another shot by going to a proper Perodua Branch and paid my RM500 up front. If all goes well (and if the bank decides to be lenient to me) I should be getting my MOCHA sometime next week.

On the other hand, a little birdie sent me an sms saying he’s just keeping quiet because he wants … well some time alone. I respected the decision and am satisfied with a mere “you didn’t do anything wrong” which at least sent me out of depression. Call me some kind of insensitive bitch for all I care but it’s true to a certain point … I really don’t want to care too much because I don’t want to end up severely hurt in the end.

Song Playing: TLC Waterfalls

Am going on a date tonight … well actually I’m filling up for my friend since she’s away for the week. Before you get any funny ideas, Jean is my closest college girlfriend besides Quinnee and Ai Queen and Jessica Yong FQ. Mathieu is Jean’s French boyfriend of 3 years (or something like that). I’m merely going out on an innocent, friendly date with Mathieu tonight since the poor chap has been lonely and bored for the past few days without Jean around.

Speaking of my college mates … Miss Chow Quinnee, Miss Cheam Ai Queen and Miss Jessica Yong Fu Quen, Miss you LOT LOT LOT LOT LOTS!

Back to work

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Never Ending Complaints

left out one irritable road thing …

But I left it out simply because I could at times be guilty of the same thing. But I only do it when I’m in a conscious state of mind, sober but dying to get home. The only place I do it is at the traffic light near my house.

I meant to speak of people who jump red lights.

Last night, on my way home from Section 17, I used the Asia Jaya route to get back. Since I missed the traffic light by probably 10 seconds, I took the liberty to light myself a menthol to keep me awake. When you travel oh-so-frequently on a road, the little things like potholes, bumps and traffic light timing just register naturally. Last night was no exception. I was already in 1st gear and ready to roll and I did. I must have gotten some 5meters before an IDIOT in a WHITE Honda with what seemed like 5 Indians suddenly making a turn, right on my right. It happened in a split second and thank god that idiot braked failing which he would have probably given me a broken face.

The thing about these idiots are they don’t know when to do what. Jump the red light yes? Well consider it another junction then. You don’t just cross a busy road without looking out for traffic yes? You don’t walk in to a car yes? You don’t jump a red light when there are 20 other cars on the road yes? You don’t jump a red light when it has already turned RED some 20 seconds ago yes?

Fortunately I was on the 2nd lane (basically there were four lanes. I was on the 2nd from the right) and there was a 1 tonne lorry on my right. The lorry passengers were being the usual idiots and ogling at me (I get it from Indians especially all the time) and then the driver was prepared to roll at almost the same time I was.

Now I really wished the lorry had a super turbo and had sped off in first gear which would cause the Honda severe damage. If Only …

Monday, January 24, 2005

PPl arr PPl ... Comment abit bit here and there can ah ? tolong sikit lerrrrr ... put some fishes in my blog k k k ??? ? ? ? ??? Muahhhs Love ya'll

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

I'mma Libran!

Here's some cute eye candy for my fellow librans :)

Got this from an e-mail forward.

I remember at one point in time when DALnet was down for a year or so, I switched over to IRCnet and used a shorter nick - Librangal.

Apart from the usual Hi, asl please, among other weird introduction lines were -

1. WOW You're a librarian ?
2. Hey, didn't think I would find a librarian in IRC
3. You work library ?
4. Hi I also like go library study.

Naturally I just right click and ignore these people.

Now i'm cHeRRy^LiPs ... back in DALnet and I get the occasional smarty pants who refer to my nick as one of garbage's song ... the others come up to me and say things like ...

1. Can I Pop your cherry?
2. Mmm I love cherries
3. Ceri Kiut. Leh Kongket?

FYI Cherry Lips in my case refer to the song CHERRY LIPS by garbage. This is my chick idol

She gave you everything she had
But she was young and dumb
She'd just turned twenty-one
She didn't care to hang around
So when the shit came down
Why she was nowhere to be found
This life can turn a good girl bad
She was the sweetest thing
That you had ever seen

You're such a delicate boy
In the hysterical realm
Of an emotional landslide
In physical terms

With your cherry lips and golden curls
You could make grown men gasp
When you'd go walking past them
In your hot pants and high heels
They could not believe
That such a body was for real
It seemed like rainbows would appear
Whenever you came near the clouds would disappear
Because you looked just like a girl
Your baby blues would flash
And suddenly a spell was cast

You hold a candle in your heart
You shine the light on hidden parts
You make the whole world wanna dance
You bought yourself a second chance

Go Baby Go Go
We're right behind you
Go baby Go Go
Yeah we're looking at you
Go baby Go Go
Aw we're right behind you
Go Baby
Go Baby
Yeah we're looking at you

*lyrics from here

Puffing my life away …

Puff Puff, Read Read, Puff Puff, Can’t Chat, MSN Down …

See See Look Look Scroll Up & Down ..

OK Lah I’ve decided to just keep this template :) Kinda like the colour combination. At least I managed to get over my “dark side” and just bring out the fuchsia in fuchsialowe. After all, pink is one of my favorite colors, topping blue at that!

Anyhow … YES I’ve decided to keep this template and will continuously design more things (I hope) in attempt to pretty up my blog. Maybe I might do a whole new interface and put my multimedia studies to good use. At least I’ll then be proud to say I’m the workings of an IACT graduate.

Reminiscing the past …

Was at dinner with Mom and Sis when we suddenly started talking about a relative going hysterical after going for a bypass and was taken out of the ICU for a while before going hysterical sending him back into the ICU. We then started thinking about brave men shitting their pants when going into surgery, including my dad. Then we tried recalling the time when my dad was sent into surgery for a stomach ulcer (thanks to all that beer) which put him off drinking permanently for the rest of his life.

We then started debating on when the incident happened by looking at several milestones i.e the house we lived in, the car we had, where was my sis working and how old I was when it happened. Eventually, the conversation led on to us recalling our earliest memories, as vivid as it may seem.

After much brain exercise, I finally summed up that I can recall up to the point where I was 2 or 3, when my sister was still in school (mind you she’s 15 ½ years older than me) where I was sitting on her bed observing her preparation for school one morning. We, the 3 ladies then sat down in the hall and just shared our memories, good and bad. Somehow, somewhere during that conversation, there always was mention of the events of life and death. Then there was the long “LOW” family history.

The “Low” family on it’s own is HUGE. Assuming my dad and his siblings make up the first generation, his eldest brother is already a great-grandfather. We’re looking forward to the next family gathering when one of my NIECES gets married. She’s probably in her 30s, meaning she’s much older than I am. The family gathering would be somewhat nice to see, as it would bring together FOUR generations of the “Low” family together in one joyous occasion. Imagine … I, J-LO, at 21 years old am a GRAND Aunt.

My eldest cousin is as old as dad. I’m the youngest of my generation. Basically I’ve got 1 more cousin unmarried and then there’s my sister and myself. I think my cousin will probably get hitched first followed by me. Don’t think my sister has any intentions of settling down ever in the near future. She just doesn’t seem the part …

Anyhow … being in a rather large and influential family, I feel some sort of pressure around; furthermore I’m after all of age and an adult already. I know my mom wants a grandchild and I know that I’m her only hope. Don’t think that will happen anytime soon since I don’t even have a boyfriend to begin with. She proudly introduces me as her fat daughter who will never find a boyfriend because she’s too fat.

And so Jojo Low, the youngest of her generation in her Low family, will now embark on a journey of weight shedding and health consciousness. Wish me luck. For now, I’ll just be the pig that I was born to be and SLEEP. Oh my precious bed is just calling out my name, so loud, so sweet, so tempting... And then I drift … off into a world of DREAMS… one that will not be interrupted by the phone ringing nor the sirens of a fire truck nor the honk of a lorry nor a knock on my door … I shall become a sleeping beauty that the only 2 things that will wake me up are the kisses of my prince charming … or the sound of my alarm at 7.30 am. So Long …

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Argh! Can't seem to get a nice template! Resorted to using fishiefuch's old template. I know my taste sucks but I simply can't be arsed to do the html at this point of time. Just bear with me for a while more while I think about whether or not I should get my own .com or .net or whatever...

I'm bored and hungry.

Ling has gone to Kajang for her grandpa's birthday din din ..

Sean is busy god knows with what

Matt is probably watching his Gundam vcd he bought today ...

Mom is probably still playing mahjongg ...

Unker Toi doesn't want to come out ...

I'm bored and HUNGRY with nobody to have dinner with. It's 10pm and I'm very tempted to just SLEEP. Maybe I will ...

Glory Glory H T M L

Yes, I’ve finally taken the initiative to actually LEARN something called HTML. Although I’m not exactly learning it from scratch, it’s more like starting off small with minor tweaking to this page. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve done away without the standard blogspot header and have since put in my self-designed banner (which might be made even better after I get fireworks installed on my pc).

Yesterday was a rather boring day. Lajjie helped me toy around with my HTML till late last night. We were debating on which was the best way to resize the page header to fit into the page properly (as I originally designed the header in enormous proportions). I finally simply resized the damn thing to something smaller and uploaded it and ta-ra! Here you go!

I’m waiting for time to pass right now as Matthias Chang is busy watching the OC (which I insist on him finishing so that we can bitch about it later) before I head over to pick him up. My office (yes I’m at work) is a mere 10 minutes away (including short cuts, traffic jams and traffic lights). We’re headed up to Sg. Wang to probably foos a little and walk around window shopping. If you haven’t noticed this either, I haven’t done any Chinese New Year shopping as of yet since I’m rather low on cash and am almost reaching my spending limit budget for the month. Clothes shopping would burn a bigger hole in my pocket at this point so I’ll just settle for a few rounds of foosball and the latest fireworks installer so that I can toy around and pretty up this page.

It’s only 1.14 now and I told Matt I’ll come around 1.30 which leaves me with another 15 minutes with nothing to do. The Dell I’m working on at work isn’t very fast so I wouldn’t bother trying to run Illustrator here at the office.

Kim Gary for lunch again today? I might consider. Alrightey then … PC saus 13.20. Time to leave! Adieu ~~~

Nope .. not quite nerd material ...

I am nerdier than 38% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Friday, January 21, 2005



I was actually dancing and singing “Hooray!! Hooray!! It’s a Holi-Holiday” at 6 pm yesterday.

Don’t know why but I was sort-of looking forward to today being a holiday. I know for a fact that I would need to help mom somehow around the house yet it was still fun, looking forward to a holiday.

I think my foot literally decided to step in and make me take a break. Woke up this morning with a numb foot, which later took a while to warm up before I found out that YAY my tendon decided to work up again!

Got home at noon (was at Sean’s place) and took a shower. Wanted to help around the kitchen but then my grand-aunt is there too so I had an excuse laid out for me already. Anyhow I tried to catch a nap but couldn’t fall asleep so I took it as a cue to sit here and write since Lajjie was complaining.

After ST wrote about the summons fiasco followed by a rather heated up discussion thanks to Arwen, I was more observant on the road and decided to write about what I feel is irritating.

1. Talking on the phone sans hands-free-kit swerving in and out of traffic
I was heading home after work yesterday when I saw a Wira trying to escape a jam last minute by doing a super swerve to the right, nearly knocking over an elderly man on his motorcycle. Clearly, when you’re driving and yakking on the phone without a hands-free kit, you tend to not look at all mirrors as your eyes are fixed on looking to your front. Poor innocent motorcyclists (I do believe in innocent motorcyclists) although …

2. Honda Cubs cruising the highways on the “right-lane” cum fast lane cum overtaking-lane at 60 km/h when there is a proper motorcycle lane provided.
I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THIS! It’s fine if they hog the inner lanes for all I care but not doing it especially to busses and lorries who might even NOT see them and run over them thus creating a big hoo-hah and framing the bus driver for something he didn’t do wrong … but then again …

3. Busses and lorries that enjoy sandwiching Kancils on highways
I’m about to get a Kancil and the one thing I’m worried about is getting myself sandwiched between two express busses. It’s traumatic, really, to see 2 huge asses playing catch on a busy highway with a Kancil. The poor Kancil is probably subjected to seeing two flat walls in front and at the back … not having any space or chance to switch lanes… with much restricted vision … which would lead to

4. Cars overtaking/switching lanes without any regards for oncoming cars.
I don’t drive a fast car and I’m thankful I don’t. I don’t criticize people who drive faster than the speed limit if their car allows as I do like fast cars myself. What I can’t stand is if let’s say I’m driving at 100km/h on a highway and some 100ms in front, a car with slow pickup going at 60km/h pulls up in front of me and takes another 1minute to regain speed causing me to brake hard and making me curse. Why can’t you simply cut in BEHIND ME? The first and most important rule mom taught me when I first started driving was to have precise, safe and considerate judgment. This leads me to …

5. People who drive BIG cars who CAN’T judge for nuts.
I’ve experienced more than once where people driving Harriers and Xtrails and the likes who think they own the road. Hey I love those cars but if you want to drive such a big car, you have to know how to drive it. It is understood that you would hate to scratch such an expensive car but at times, your judgment can be so bad, bad enough to cause a backlog of traffic because you can’t judge properly, afraid to scratch your beauty and have a foot on each side of you whilst driving through a narrow street. You want to drive that car, get to know the car better, its limitations and BE MORE DARING. If not, drive a lorry for practice or if you’re that paranoid, just drive a Kancil.

Btw … my colleague got his car dented by a 4wd who knocked his car coming out of the parking and just ran away. A nosy bystander with the name of “Hamba Allah” left a note informing of the incident and considerately took down the car number plate. What should my colleague do? Suggestions are welcome.

Monday, January 17, 2005

TeWwoW DwiVe

My ol’ faithful 120Y has been giving me problems. It takes much effort to wake it up and a lot of grumbling before it goes to sleep. Cranky old car … I believe the doctor is conducting a thorough check up on it before the operation begins. In the meantime, I didn’t have a choice but to drive my mom’s Mazda 323. The thing about the car is that it’s entire undercarriage and drive shaft is rusted and falling to bits. The drive thankfully was slow due to the jam but it was indeed a terror ride with the car shaking ala earthquake at ever corner and running sideways every time I braked. At least I still got to work safe and sound … able to blog too!

The day didn’t kick off too well with my sis dropping her phone first thing in the morning. Well it dropped when I passed her the phone through the grille … I’m pretty sure it was my fault for dropping it. Sowee sis … didn’t mean for it to happen. Looking on the bright side … it’s an endurance test, how well the phone survives a fall.

The weekend was spent mostly in front of a wok of boiling oil. Mom started her CNY business and I came in handy when we were frying Arrowroot bulbs. The end product tastes somewhat like potato chips but trust me, these taste a 100 times better. They don’t have the additional saltiness like potato chips when we salt it after frying. We usually soak the bulbs overnight in salt water and then slice it thinly the next day before frying. I played my part as the throwing assistant, throwing in the sliced bulbs into the wok of hot oil. Needless to say, I scrubbed my face countless times to get the grime off.

Saturday morning, Sean woke me up for breakfast. We met up at a dim sum shop in ss2 but it wasn’t all pleasant. First was the difficulty in finding a proper parking space. I was rather tired of searching for a proper spot so I blatantly parked at an illegal but un-obstructing spot, right in front of our table. Just as I dug into my yummy “siew mai”, a truckload of municipal council officers stormed towards the restaurant to clear off tables and chairs, placed illegally by the proprietors due to overwhelming business. We ourselves were sitting on one of those illegal tables but the officers couldn’t make us budge from our seats. It was nonetheless uncomfortable eating at a table with blue uniformed Malay officers standing around watching us chow on our savory pork dishes. The meal was not very enjoyed; we quickly finished up and left.

Next stop was the frame shop where Sean had a huge picture framed up for the house. His Kancil couldn’t carry it so he “borrowed” my car and service to transport the frame home. Got that back to his place and then played with his cute little puppy “Ah Boy”. Ah Boy is a tiny little shitzu puppy with a horrible tail itch. Nevertheless, he’s this little furball with a squeaky voice. Cute … *giggle*

Came home and helped mom with the frying … finished in the evening and went to Pyramid with Ling to meet a friend and walk around. We ended up playing foosball at Rack Café followed by snooker at the 4th floor of the same building. Finally got home at 2.30 and knocked out till 9 the next morning. Kinda woke up late for work on Sunday and hurriedly prepared and tried starting the car. Car didn’t budge, had to take mom’s car.It was a terror drive to and from work in a beat up car with NO AIR CONDITIONING on a HOT Sunday afternoon. Came back red as a lobster, pores wide open as if I just stepped out of a sauna.

Continued my torture in front of the wok, finishing in the evening before lounging in my room, air conditioning at full blast.

Mom was very tired from her late-night rendezvous at the Mahjongg table so she knocked out for the night at 7pm. I was tired but not sleepy so I tried my luck online to see who wanted to do dinner. Unker Toi didn’t have dinner either so he headed up to find me for dinner.

Returned from dinner and hung around the PC for a bit more before calling it a night.

Mocha Mocha Mocha … Can’t wait for my Mocha to arrive!

Friday, January 14, 2005


Someone is getting a car!

Nope it’s nothing with fins, it’s nothing with sports rims, and it doesn’t have superb audio system. It’s small, agile and smart. It’s a C L K!!!

If all goes well and my loan comes through, I should be getting my CLK somewhere next week … or the week after … but definitely getting it before CNY.

It’s great … the feeling is great I mean. I’m now restless and happy!

Woooah Woooahh Yeahhh Yeahhhh!
I love you more than I can say...
I’ll love you twice as much tomorrowwwwwwww
Woo Woo love you more than I can say!!!!!!

No mood for Jiwang songs today.

My playlist has been playing all sad sad songs …. Wonder why …

MP3 Recommendation – Old Devil Moon by Jamie Cullum. BEAUTIFUL SONG!

LA La LA Di Dum Dee Dum .. Back to work :)

(CLK – Cute Little Kancil), Cute like the owner :)

Thursday, January 13, 2005


I hate power failures. First the air conditioners shut down, then the lights go out and then my PC dies a slow and painful death.

Just as well, the lights went off around lunch time, as if a sign telling people to just shut down and go for lunch. No need to consume electricity whilst out eating. Needless to say we adjourned to the nearest, open-nest place we could find around here which is the office mamak.

And so we spent close to an hour at the mamak making calls and sending messages to friends around the Klang Valley to find out how serious the blackout was. My sister sent me an Sms saying KL, Selangor, Putrajaya and Johore were affected. Mom was calm, she’s a natural.

Everyone was hoping for the rest of the day off. I’m praying now that the state is running on power generators and that it may not suffice to supply the entire Klang Valley thus blacking out once more SOON. In the meantime, I’m pressing Ctrl+S after every sentence to ensure I don’t lose this precious post.

This morning was rather busy, phone ringing the moment I stepped foot in the office. Ran down my schedule and started making calls. My inbox was receiving mail every 5 minutes, rather unusual.

I’m sleepy and tired and LAZY. Will get back to work now :) Might write again later should I find the time. Till then … Ciao Ciao ~~~

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I know this may sound mean but I killed my alter-ego. http://fishiefuchs.blogspot.com does not exist anymore and has been permanently removed.

Did it in 2 minutes, deleted the blog that is. I’ll just remain happy up keeping one blog.

Boring, Boring! Am waiting for lunch to fill my tummy and then head up to Klang for real business.

Yesterday was pretty boring. Left the office at 6.30 or so and headed to Sri Petaling. Decided to skip the toll and sit in the jam but no, there simply was no jam. I arrived in Sri Petaling at around 7pm and called the hair salon. They were free so I popped by for a hair wash. Finished at 8 and headed to Pianotec to teach Ee Von.

Tuesdays are usually quiet at the school so I let my student do her theory on the reception table whilst I lounge on the sofa. I was watching this GREEN Datsun 120Y (same model as mine but a sedan) driving up the ramp of the car workshop next door to park. I didn’t get to see the driver because he/she was in quite a hurry. Anyhow, the driver probably over-estimated the power of the car’s handbrake and didn’t put a brick to secure the car atop that very steep ramp. I’ve driven this car for 2 years now and I know very well that the handbrake is heavy and is not in the best condition so whenever I park at that same spot, I usually engage in first gear.

At the corner of my eye, I saw the car roll down and figured that the driver was in a hurry to leave too. When the car backed down the ramp and stopped there for a while, my prying eyes scanned the car and realized there wasn’t a driver. Ghost? Nope. The car rolled down by itself, almost hitting a Gen 2 parked behind it and it was there for the longest time, causing a traffic jam 200 meters long.

I gathered the forces of men from the neighbouring electrical shop and the mamak and a bystander came forth to push the car back up, this time engaging it in 1st gear so that it doesn’t move unnecessarily. Topped off the deed by leaving a courteous notice to the driver informing he/she about what just happened to the car and to be more cautious when parking the car in future.

After that incident, I headed home for dinner with mom. Lounged and lazed around the house chatting online before Ling came over with Euji to pick me up for a Mamak session. We ended up in the usual PJ State mamak with some iced tea and lots of chatter. Most of the night was spent discussing our traumatic yet fun childhood spent creating much ruckus and mischief.

Finally got to come home at 2. Took the duo on a tour of my room and chilled out there for a while. Oh yeah, Ling was actually there to borrow a mattress (since she moved into her new home and didn’t have one) to sleep on. Loaded that into the car and said goodnight at 2.30

Woke up late as usual today, strolled into the office at 9.20 or so (according to the office clock which is slower) and went about my rounds. Am hoping to get my car loan approved soon so that I can be the proud new owner of a 97’ Proton Iswara.

Off to lunch now … Ciaoz :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Achilles Tendonitis

It amazes me how I can be so free yet I don’t bother using my free time to blog. Woke up with the painful foot again yesterday but it hurt so much I cried (yeah I AM a Big Fat Cry Baby). Woke mom up and cried myself back to sleep next to her. Sis heard the commotion and butted in. Realizing that it was almost 8 and I needed to go see a doctor, I called my colleague to open the office, checked with my manager what I should do with my foot, sms-ed my boss to inform him I needed to go to the doc and subsequently fell asleep.

Mom woke me up an hour later (around 9 something) to go to the clinic. Managed to shower and get dressed (with much difficulty) and tried to drive. The drive was hell but thank god the clinic is less than a KM from home. Decided to try out a different doctor this time.

The clinic looked pretty dodgy at first but I loosened up when I saw professional looking older, uniformed nurses at their job. I suppose the old premises made the clinic look old too but all was good. Some clinics I’ve been to don’t even use computers for database entries. The only turn-off was the wait. I had to wait close to an hour for my turn as there were only 2 doctors on duty and many patients in waiting.

My turn finally came. I saw an older female doctor. She was all smiles, and was very welcoming. I described my pain and fears and she diagnosed it as Achilles Tendonitis, an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. She merely replied with “It’s ok. It happens to people for no apparent reason” and so she explained how the condition came about and advised me to steer clear of driving, extensive walking and other strenuous physical activities and that I was to rest and do nothing on my feet today.

And so I stayed the rest of the day at home. Mom drove us to the mamak for breakfast before dropping me off at home and heading out. The day was pretty mundane, with nothing much to do and nowhere to go, I spent most of the day either sleeping, watching TV, chatting on the phone or online. Nobody came to visit and mom was out most of the day. Sean couldn’t care less, Mandy was too lazy to come all the way here to do nothing and Ling was well … too fickle minded.

At least the leg is better now. I’m back to work and kicking … though the doc did tell me to not strain my legs as it may recur. Well it’s 5.30pm and I can’t wait to ciao!!! Hugs :)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bah! Humbug :|

Bah... boredom is the word of the day.

Happy Birthday Matthias Chang.

Woke up with a painful foot yesterday. Sean woke up with a toothache. It sounded pretty serious as he was quite in pain. 3 panadols took almost at hour to work up and I didn’t even need to force him to see a dentist. Turns out his tooth is incurable and either had to extract it or do a root canal. Judging from my experience, I advised him to get the root canal done. Painful and more expensive but it takes care of the problem. Extracting it would actually cost more in the long run coz you would need to either do bridging, or if you decide to leave a gap in your teeth, the structure would be affected and you might just need to spend a few more thousand wearing corrective braces.

Came home after the dentist to pick up something and rushed to deliver it to 1Utama. Was a little late but I was delayed by the dentist trip. Got that done and then came home to help mom a little with the baking and then hit the shower before heading out. It was Matt’s birthday so we decided to just go hang out, one of the things we love doing. Ling went to pick him up from Cheras and we met up at Mid Valley. Since Kim Gary was rather packed, we somehow ended up having KFC for dinner.

Bought tickets to watch meet the fockers when Jon and Mandy came along. Foosed some balls before watching the movie at 9.40 or so. The movie was hilarious, not quite slapstick but very “fockerized”. I enjoyed watching all the fockerization going on including the education of little Jack who’s first words were ASS HOOOOOOLE. Funny… humorous. Not the best but good enough.

Went back to Brewball to foos more balls while waiting for Euji before we “embarrassed” Matt by singing him the birthday song. Chowed some cake and foosed even more balls before we adjourned back to PJ to continue our lepak-king at the mamak. Chatted a lot about cars and friends and good ol’ school days.

Finally called it a night at 3am and I came home to SLEEP. Woke early enough to get to work on time and taught till 3 (taking short 5 minute naps in between classes) and then came home. Watched episode 7 of The O.C and episode 13 of 8 simple rules. Just sms-ed Afzal (an old chat friend) for a drink and will probably meet up with him later. Mandy and Matt should be coming over to play mahjong later… I guess. Off to watch episode 14 of 8 simple rules now. Ciao Ciaoz …

Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday already …

Time flies. It’s already the 7th meaning the “NEW YEAR” is not going to be very “NEW” anymore.

The past few days have been rather boring, with nothing much going on in the office. I’ve yet again succeeded in killing myself by making yet another huge and terrible mistake in one of my jobs. Although the client didn’t make much noise, it really didn’t go down well with my boss. Firstly the job involved me and the same GD, doing the same type of job, in succession. My boss also made it a point to clearly mention that in the entire history with this client, he has never made such a horrid mistake. It hit my ego BADLY. The excuse “I’m new” doesn’t go down as well anymore. The rest of the day was rather sullen after we had our little “discussion” cum bambu (bombard) session.

He hasn’t fired me yet, neither has he confirmed me.

Life still goes on. I might just break the streak and let my manager handle the next job as I don’t want to be in the limelight for too long. As we’re aiming to keep this client for a long time … a small fly like me shouldn’t be the one to destroy things around here. If they’re unhappy with me … I’ll just leave.

Woke up this morning and did the same things … prettied myself up for work and headed down for a cuppa tea and a browse through the morning paper. I think the hype about the Tsunami is mellowing down a little now that humanitarian aid has arrived and billions of money channeled to the affected. Frankly speaking, I have donated minimally towards the fund at the same time I felt that I would rather buy a few cartons of bottled water and ship it over. Mom screamed saying “you stupid ah? Give money enough lah!” I wasn’t quite up for the morning spar with mom so I quietly said nothing and gracefully pulled out of the driveway.

Matt turns 23 tomorrow. Any ideas on what to get him ???

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Survival of the fittest

A picture of a badly sun burnt woman graced the front cover of The Star today. Malawati, originally from Aceh, was swept out to sea by the Tsunami that hit Banda Aceh on Boxing Day. It’s a surprise really, for someone to be swept out so far into sea yet she was very much alive, surviving on Atap Chee.

This led to a discussion with Mommy dearest over tea earlier today. We were discussing survival methods and what we would do if we were caught in such a situation. The main cause of fatalities is drowning due to over-inhaling of salt water. What would you do if you were snorkeling in Phuket when a giant wave lifts you up and throws you down?

If I were caught in such a situation and IF I was calm enough to realize what’s happening, my instincts should tell me to let the waves throw me around and not try to fight back. If I’m lucky, the waves would actually bring me back ashore. If it doesn’t, I shouldn’t try swimming against the waves. Should I be swept out to sea, the more rational thing to do would be to keep afloat, best on the back and try not to tire myself out.

Bali has already reported debris possibly from the ruins of the Tsunami floating around. It’s perhaps only a matter of time before holiday goers in Bali see a dead body floating ashore. Gross as it may seem … It’s no laughing matter.

Death toll still rising, thousands more missing … not nice … not a very good way to end the year, what more start a new year. Sadness …

To all my fooser friends, there will be a charity DYP this Friday in aid of the Tsunami relief fund. Details can be found HERE.

As for me … well work was just work yesterday. Came home from work, had dinner, toyed around with the PC and called it a night. Back to work.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcoming 2005

Let’s all face it. 2004 has gone and it’s time to welcome 2005 WARMLY. Fishiefuchs is still busy stoning and hasn’t recovered since Christmas. Time to knock her hard on her head … If I remember to :P

I ushered in New Years at Genting, amidst plenty of party-goers, armed with snow spray and the likes, randomly misting up people like me. Albeit that, I had a good time, partly because of the company, partly because of the atmosphere and partly because of the good weather.

It was nice and chilly up in Genting. The weather is going through a wet spell and even though it doesn’t rain as much, it hasn’t been sunny here either. Up in the highlands, visibility was at about 5m and boy it was HELL driving up and down that place.

Left for Genting on Friday evening and returned on Saturday evening. Didn’t do much up there, just spent a lot of quality time with Sean (DOH!) Food there is expensive and so was everything else. Needless to say, most of the dough went to the croupiers who are Uncle Lim’s front liners.

Apologies if I didn’t reply all your New Year greetings.

It’s Monday, the 3rd of January 2005. Back to Work people.

---May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the ass of the person who messes up your new year and may his arms grow too short for him to scratch his ass. Wishing you a seductive and horny year, licked by love and penetrated by heavenly graces and may all your misfortunes be ejaculated before the season has climaxed. Happy New Year!!! ---
(Courtesy of some very old sms-es)