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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Week in Review

Been watching at least 2 -3 episodes of The O.C per night. I decided that since I had to wait a few more weeks before Episode 4, Season 2 came out; I might as well watch the first season to um … educate myself more. And so I downloaded at least 3 episodes a night to be watched the next day. I’ve watched up to episode 23 I think and will continue all the way to episode 27 and then re-watch/follow through with season 2.

Last Saturday marked my first Saturday off in 4 weeks. Friday night was spent stoning at Sean’s place (neh not back together YET) followed by Saturday morning dim sum and more sleep till the sun went down. Woke up and went to Breakers for some foos but headed home early as I had piano class at 10 the next morning.

Went to view some cars on Sunday. Managed to test only one, pretty ok but I think I’ll spend more time shopping for the right car. Apart from that, the weekend went pretty normally with nothing extraordinary happening.

Monday night was spent at Mont Kiara verbally raping Leo aka Wickedmeasles. By the time we tired out, it was about bedtime and so I headed home to SLEEP. I think fishiefuchs will write something bout the topics of discussion that night. Tuesday …. Teaching piano …. Today ….. Mandy Koon Kar Yern came back. Unfortunately she needs to have dinner with her future mother in law so her best friend (me) will just go home and watch the O.C

I know I haven’t been writing much but work has been such a big bitch I just haven’t been in the mood to write. I will write soon or at least more often … I guess :) Till then … Ta-Ra