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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me ...

Give what ? Me no true love also ….

Oh well Christmas came Christmas went... although it’s the 5th day of Christmas...I’m kind of in the Chinese New Year spirit already as we’ve been working on the client’s CNY promotions which I’m hoping to close soon!!!

Last night was dinner at Outback Steakhouse, our long awaited Christmas dinner. We had to postpone the dinner because the whole team was busy helping out with one job. At least the bigger nightmare is over and now we’re a little more relaxed as we usher in the English and Lunar New Year.

Christmas was fun.

My Christmas began on the night of Christmas Eve where the family (meaning Mom, Sis and I) went to Chutney’s, a cozy restaurant in new town PJ which served authentic Northern Indian cuisine. I must admit that the menu seemed almost French to me at that point with names of spices and dishes I’ve never heard of in my life. I had a burning ass the next day caused by my lack of tolerance for spicy foods.

My recommendation: Punjabi Lemonade & Spinach with Cottage cheese (forgot the ‘technical’ name)

After dinner, we rushed home so that my sister and I could fight for the bathroom and pretty up to go out. She had her own plans and I had to go to church. Managed to drag Matt along with me and so I did, and reached Kajang at about 10.50pm

Church was the usual … High Mass, sing song and then my favorite part: the mingling. It’s that ONE miserable time a year I visit my old church in Kajang. I grew up as the daughter of Peter Low, one of the most popular (by being the loudest) person in Holy Family Church, Kajang. People saw me and went “oh my god” you’ve grown! Yes Yes, I’ve prospered into a young lady, un-proportionately.

Met up with Jon & Mandy and dragged Aileen with us to the mamak where we sat, ate, drank and talked till almost 4 am. I had to go back to PJ either right after or the next morning so I decided to go back anyway and at least be there when mommy dearest wakes up in the morning.

The annual Christmas lunch was at my nanny’s place where I met the “taikache” (big sister) who used to literally be my “taikache” when we were nursed by the same nanny. Now Ginny is about to be a mother of a little baby boy :)

Came home after lunch and slept like a pig till the cows came home. Was awakened by Mandy calling me on my rather loud cell, nearly falling off the bed in the process. Got myself prettied up and headed to Kajang once again, without Matt this time. Arrived in Kajang and was tempted to pay Mr. Roy N.F a visit but he wasn’t answering the phone so I just went to Cheng Wan’s house. We had a scrumptious steamboat dinner with most of the gang. The dinner party consisted of Mandy & Jon, Woontian & Pei Lyn, Chui Ling, Cheng Wan, Rubeni and I. After stuffing ourselves full, we adjourned to Cheng Wan’s room where Ling was updating her blog or checking her forums or doing whatever online. Aileen called us to pick her up from her cousin’s place and I volunteered to go. Rubeni, Pei Lyn and Woon Tian came along and so we went merrily to pick Aileen up, almost gatecrashing the wrong party along the way.

Decided to pay Roy a visit while I was up and about so I literally dropped Peilyn, Woon Tian and Rubeni off and dragged Aileen over to Roy’s place.

It’s been almost 5 years since I last saw Roy. Ok ok .. Roy was my first boy-friend. We knew each other from the time we were still in diapers. Our dads were pretty good friends who shared a common interest in motorcycles. Most of our childhood was spent chasing each other around church, Sunday school and kindergarten. Apparently the teachers in kindergarten used to tease us much … even forcing me to kiss him on the cheek, whilst the whole school watched us during one of those “graduation” photo sessions. I stopped chasing him around after we went to Primary school and eventually lost contact over the years.

ANYWAY … I was glad to see Roy once more... we’ve been doing quite a lot of catching up over the months ever since he found me on friendster. After some wine, a tour of the house and lots of talk... Aileen dragged me off back to Cheng Wan’s place.

The TV den soon became the gambling den and to opened up to 2 mahjongg tables. Shuh Huei and Eric came by and we started the games. 6 people playing Mahjongg, 2 people standing by to sit in, Rubeni watching her Bollywood Grammies and Aileen and me taking turns on the Osim chair.

The clock struck 3 and everyone was starting to get restless, probably due to the lack of SLEEP. Mandy and Jon took their little domestic argument home, Shuh Huei and Eric left for home too. The rest of us sent Aileen home and then headed to a Mamak in Sungai Chua.

Came back to Cheng Wan’s house and knocked out on his bed. Woke up at 9 the next morning to go to church (it was a Sunday lah) and then came back to wake everyone up and then went to have breakfast at ABC, bought satay for Sean and then went home.

Took a shower, washed my hair and went over to Sean’s place to hang out. Came home at around 8 and then Cheng Wan, Chui Ling and Matt came over to play more mahjongg.

Back to work on Monday, Tuesday, and here I am this Weak Wednesday morning. Off to do some proper work now that I’ve accounted for last week’s turn of events.


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