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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fa la la la la - la la la la

Well I said it! December air in KL definitely smells merry and joyful. With English being a primary language to most, Christmas carols definitely add a spark to the already happy holiday we all know as Christmas. Undoubtedly, Christmas is over-rated and over-commercialized but at the end of the day, Christmas is Christmas.

As much a Catholic I am, I shall now put aside all thoughts of Christmas exploitation by the media and will just think along the lines of what Christmas means to me otherwise.

In the true spirit of brotherhood, Christmas is the time for giving and sharing. No doubt many people have misconceived the holiday as a day to receive, receive and gift presents. It’s a joyous celebration where every retail outlet in the country reaps booming sales and fills the cash till to the brim. It is also the time when millions of Malaysians throng shopping malls and jam up parking lots just to buy those presents for you, you and you.

I myself am guilty of contributing to the shoppers that thronged Mid Valley on a regular Sunday evening. In that retrospect, I was merely there to meet an old but nonetheless dear friend who was in town for the weekend. The gang decided to join in and we joined the masses looking for the right size in the bargain rack of CK, walked through the eccentric clothes in TopShop and humped the table in Kim Gary. But it was all good …

While I’m at it … Here’s my Christmas wish list (in no particular order)

1) A CAR
2) My Confirmation Letter
3) A lifelong supply of cigarettes
4) Money to last me a lifetime
5) Sean