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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Counting Down …

The government has appealed to all government and private sectors to cancel all festivities and/or celebrations planned this New Year’s Eve. Instead, Malaysians have been urged to hold prayers for victims who have perished, injured, gone missing and have lost their homes.

I’ve been praying ever since I heard the news on Sunday for the hundreds of thousands of people who have accounted for severe losses due to the Tsunami caused by an earthquake in Indonesia.

There are times where I wished I could do more than just sit on my bum to help but I know for sure that I will not be able to render any monetary aid but I do wish I was part of Mercy Malaysia or at least still a member of the St Johns Ambulance so that I could render although not much, at least a little help to the needy.

It is at times like these I sit down quietly and think about the “what ifs” that could possibly happen to me i.e. if Sumatra wasn’t where it currently stands, the entire Peninsular Malaysia would have been affected by the Tsunami.

Condolences to the families of those who have perished. Your prayers are with me. I received an sms from my friend, Sing Nam last night which read :

Buddhist temple in Brickfields collecting food, clothes etc 2 b sent to Sri Lanka and India. Donations must reach temple by Friday morning. Plz inform all.

Phone credit was low so I didn’t get to forward the SmS out but I’ll try to reach as many of you here. If you read this, bring that stack of old t-shirts and that carton of Maggi Mee sitting in the storeroom over. They need it more than you do.

On the other hand …

All the anticipation was washed down the drain yesterday. I eagerly waited for Wednesday to come so that I could watch the much publicized Kung Fu Hustle but no, it seemed as if fate had to interfere causing me to save my RM6 only to spend RM10 on foosball later on. Why? The bloody TGV Cineplex in Sunway Pyramid decided to blackout due to a power shortage of some sort cutting short movies for hundreds of people and dumbfounding a few other hundred.

We were all prep-ed up and even went in early to get our seats, armed with popcorn and coke. Before we could even warm the seats, an announcement was made saying that all 9pm shows have been cancelled due to technical difficulties. There was no redirection for patrons and people were just standing around, creating a massive jam-sardine-packed cinema hallway. We finally nudged our way through the angry crowd and got to the counter where we DEMANDED a refund. Got the refund and left.

Sean went home and I adjourned to Rack café and whacked some hard balls as a form of venting out my anger. Ling joined me later on and we foosed till we ran out of coins. After that, we went to this Pan Bakery place opositte rack to grab a bite and then Ling went to Zouk for Mambo Jumbo and I went home.

Had lunch in TGIF today. I wonder … is business particularly good there on Fridays?


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