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Thursday, November 18, 2004

YAY! I did it again.

I feel good, tenenenene
I knew that I would, tenenenene
I feel good, tenenenene
I knew that I would, tenenenene
So good *Pam Pam* so good *Pam* I got you Pam Pam Pam PAM

I feel nice, tenenenene
Like sugar and spice, teneneneneI feel nice, tenenenene
Like sugar and spice tenenenene
So nice *Pam Pam* so nice*Pam* I got you Pam Pam Pam PAM

Oh gee oh geee …… Woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed for once. Dree and Jimbo kindly gave me wake up calls. Usually, you don’t sound cheerful when someone wakes you up from slumber. In my case, I was EXTREMELY cheerful and bubbly on the phone … Something NONE of you would be if your beauty sleep was disturbed.

Anyhow I proceeded to the shower (YAY! Before my sister) and washed my hair. Took some time blowing my hair, dressed up, danced around the room before making a move. Went downstairs, disturbed my mom, gossiped, drank tea and started the car. I was pretty early, leaving the house at 8.15 and I expected a bad jam thinking that people would probably be going back to work but I was wrong … there was absolutely NO sign of jam ANYWHERE. Reached the office at about 8.40 and grabbed a NST and a Roti Telur at mamak below. Clocked in at 9am

Work was fine … Kinda. I Was still in the holiday mood when I traipsed into the office this morning. It took a little warming up and by noon I was all set and ready to boom. The usual work stuff happened … nothing extraordinary.

After work, had a drink with a friend at about 9pm. Dropped something off in Sunway before deciding to head to Subang for some foos. Called Jess and Dree, both were heading out in a while. Drove to rack and foosed a little before Dree came along. I succeeded in thrashing him 3 games in a row (and I am VERY proud of it) *giggle* Went over to Cafe 7 after that to meet up with Jess and Margaret, foosed a little and then went home.

Got home at around 1, chatted a little and then called it a night. YAY! I beat Dree ... I'm sooooooooooo gonna dream well tonight *Keeee Keeee Keeee*


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