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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Incredibly Amazing

I FINALLY watched The Incredibles. It was actually downloaded and has been sitting in my hard disk for like a week or so but never really had the time to watch it. (ok FINE … I was waiting for some kind soul to date me for that show but nobody did). I was on a telly rampage of some sort today. First I watched The Amazing Race (season 6) last night … then I watched The OC (Orange County) Season 2, Episodes 1-3 today followed by Sorority Boys rerun on HBO and then I just finished The Incredibles.

Incredibles was good ... I especially enjoyed the part where the baby revealed his super powers and turned into the devil (or something red of some sort). The show was excellent ... this and Sharks Tale have definitely got my thumbs up!! Go watch if you haven't and date me if you wish to watch it again :)

The day in between all that was spent sleeping, teaching, eating, fixing car (trying to), eating and sleeping soon after this.

Mom’s car stalled … she gave me a distress call at around dinnertime. I paused watching OC (which reminds me I haven’t actually finished watching the third episode) and went to her aid. Battery dieded … tried jump-starting the car to no avail … so we decided to dump the car there and head home.

Apart from me playing mechanic … The day was pretty much TELLY~! (ok fine PC screen). I’m a sucker for soaps so if you have any recommendations, do let me know.

By the way … anyone knows what’s wrong with Go Supernova and why Suprnova.org became supernova.org and started charging ??? I need my weekly soap dose … now it’s The OC and 8 simple rules. Let me know … Off to finish Ep 3


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