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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Damnit ... There goes the weekend

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The holidays came and went. Didn't acheive much.

Friday - WORK in office ended at 7, extra work at piano school ended at 9. Jess was at Point Xtreme (Sri Petaling) and so I decided to join her. She didn't drive so she hopped in when I decided the throat hurt too much and so I went to see the doctor. Got some medicine, decided that it was too good a Friday to stay home. Got all prettied up and was planning to head to Hartamas when the dreaded phone rang. Manager asked me to go in at 7.30 am Saturday to help out ... and so I took a few photos (as seen above) before changing back into home clothes and send Jess home.

Saturday - Woke up at 7.30, called colleague. He just woke up too ... Got to the office at about 8.30 and even had time for breakfast before he arrived. Finished off stuff at around 2 and headed to the colour separators with my Boss. Had a drink before saying goodbye and headed home. Jess came by later in the evening to lepak and play with the phone (hooked it up to my pc)
Headed to Breakers to FOOS soon after, pretty dead for a Saturday night. Euji dropped by, and then we had a mamak session with Michelle and Jimmy (of foos origins). A few drinks and a major gossip session, I ended up driving Jess's car home for the night.

Sunday - Woke up at 10.30, went to church with mommy dearest. Returned home and woke Jess up, met up with Rubeni, Bryan and Jonathan in 1 Utama. Walked, Talked, Ate, Bought a chipmunk ... FOOSED!!!
Got home around 11, Jess came up for like an hour before Sean texted me to play Mahjongg. Got there around 12, played til 2, Lost some 13 bucks (which contributed later on) to BaK KuT TeH in Kepong. Did that, went back to Sean's place and watched TV til late.

Monday - Woke up at noon, bought lunch, went home, helped mom with tarts, SLEPT~!

Tuesday - Woke up at 9, Found someone to have breakfast with. Drove to Cheras (Ethan's placE) and then went to Kajang for some scrumptious Wan Ton Mee (heaviest noodles in the world) and then back to his place to chill before heading home at about noon. Mom called to buy some stuff from the bakery supply so there I went, and bought lunch on the way home. Got home, helped with the Tarts and then sat in front of this idiotic screen for the longest time playing Brucey B Slots on Neopets. Forgot I had to teach so I sped over to Sri Petaling to teach for some 50 minutes and then came home. Jess dropped by for dinner and a shower before heading off to meet a friend (I guesS).

Headed to sleep now ... Would appreciate if someone could give me a wake up call at 7am tomorrow. Need to wash and blow my hair ..... GoodNight!!~!


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