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Monday, November 29, 2004

Bah! A RAVE-onous weekend

YAY! Angelic Jo finally went for her first rave *woohoo*

Never would have guessed that Jo is this homely girl who hardly parties eh? Sean had tickets for Regenerate on Saturday so I promptly said YES and was in high spirits right till the end of the day. Our party of 4 consisted of Sean, Wai Kit (his high school mate), Adeline (Wai Kit’s gf) and moi. We left Bandar Utama at about 10.30 and cruised right on to Cyberjaya. With all of us being strangers to this Cyberjaya place, we Oooh and Aaah at the picturesque buildings (ala kampung mari).

Arriving at 11.30, the crowd was still thin, with some people warming up to the rather bland music. I would have expected a bigger and more energetic crowd and more powerful music with better mixing. The pace picked up very slowly but the crowd filled in at around 12.30 or so. By then, we lost all party moods and just hung around enjoying our complimentary drinks. Like the boys said; “we’re getting old, not suitable for this kinda partying anymore” hehe.

On the other hand, it was an eye opener for me. Firstly I got my chance to attend a rave … secondly I observed how it goes and how overrated raves can get.

I used to think raves were just about popping pills and dancing like a mad man/woman. The dancing part maybe … but the popping part isn’t that bad after all. Emptying pockets isn’t good enough when you’re trying to deter smuggling of dangerous substances as people like me got away with just taking my phone and cigarettes out of my pocket. I could have smuggled at least 20 individually packed pills in that cigarette box ya know …

Anyhow … majority of the crowd looked pretty innocent to me; innocent meaning they were there purely and truly there to party and enjoy the music.

Looking on the bright side, the person who got us tickets happened to be Sean’s ex. She’s nice and it was great pleasure to finally meet her. Jinee, if you happen to read this, thanks for the tickets!!


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