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Monday, November 08, 2004

2nd Hand Sucker

I'm a 2nd hand sucker! Literally ...

Most of my life has been 2nd hand. I dressed with passed-over clothes, a lot of my stuff is 2nd hand .... my "new" speakers in the office are 2nd hand, and the latest addition is my Mobile Phone.

Despite the fact that it is 2nd hand, I still acknowledge it as having a NEW PHONE!! WooHoo .. and so ... I've been exploring the new age mobility, GPRS (tho outdated), WAP, Polyphonic ringtones and MMS!

No biggie tho ... just a Nokia 3100, passed on by Jess Darling.


*cough cough* *puff* *cough cough*

I just don't give up *grins*


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