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Monday, November 29, 2004

Bah! A RAVE-onous weekend

YAY! Angelic Jo finally went for her first rave *woohoo*

Never would have guessed that Jo is this homely girl who hardly parties eh? Sean had tickets for Regenerate on Saturday so I promptly said YES and was in high spirits right till the end of the day. Our party of 4 consisted of Sean, Wai Kit (his high school mate), Adeline (Wai Kit’s gf) and moi. We left Bandar Utama at about 10.30 and cruised right on to Cyberjaya. With all of us being strangers to this Cyberjaya place, we Oooh and Aaah at the picturesque buildings (ala kampung mari).

Arriving at 11.30, the crowd was still thin, with some people warming up to the rather bland music. I would have expected a bigger and more energetic crowd and more powerful music with better mixing. The pace picked up very slowly but the crowd filled in at around 12.30 or so. By then, we lost all party moods and just hung around enjoying our complimentary drinks. Like the boys said; “we’re getting old, not suitable for this kinda partying anymore” hehe.

On the other hand, it was an eye opener for me. Firstly I got my chance to attend a rave … secondly I observed how it goes and how overrated raves can get.

I used to think raves were just about popping pills and dancing like a mad man/woman. The dancing part maybe … but the popping part isn’t that bad after all. Emptying pockets isn’t good enough when you’re trying to deter smuggling of dangerous substances as people like me got away with just taking my phone and cigarettes out of my pocket. I could have smuggled at least 20 individually packed pills in that cigarette box ya know …

Anyhow … majority of the crowd looked pretty innocent to me; innocent meaning they were there purely and truly there to party and enjoy the music.

Looking on the bright side, the person who got us tickets happened to be Sean’s ex. She’s nice and it was great pleasure to finally meet her. Jinee, if you happen to read this, thanks for the tickets!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

He's Back!

Who ?? Sonny Boi returned from OZland on Monday. Didn't want to disturb his reunion with friends so I only called him last night. We met up at the usual Mamak - Murni in SS2 with Sonny Boi, Nerd Boi, Poh Seng, An, 2 lengluis, Jess and Moi. Murni was so frigging packed ... bumped into Dree and Jonathan there too.

I'm free tonight if you want to date me ... just buzz me and I'll be there.


Sunday, November 21, 2004

Incredibly Amazing

I FINALLY watched The Incredibles. It was actually downloaded and has been sitting in my hard disk for like a week or so but never really had the time to watch it. (ok FINE … I was waiting for some kind soul to date me for that show but nobody did). I was on a telly rampage of some sort today. First I watched The Amazing Race (season 6) last night … then I watched The OC (Orange County) Season 2, Episodes 1-3 today followed by Sorority Boys rerun on HBO and then I just finished The Incredibles.

Incredibles was good ... I especially enjoyed the part where the baby revealed his super powers and turned into the devil (or something red of some sort). The show was excellent ... this and Sharks Tale have definitely got my thumbs up!! Go watch if you haven't and date me if you wish to watch it again :)

The day in between all that was spent sleeping, teaching, eating, fixing car (trying to), eating and sleeping soon after this.

Mom’s car stalled … she gave me a distress call at around dinnertime. I paused watching OC (which reminds me I haven’t actually finished watching the third episode) and went to her aid. Battery dieded … tried jump-starting the car to no avail … so we decided to dump the car there and head home.

Apart from me playing mechanic … The day was pretty much TELLY~! (ok fine PC screen). I’m a sucker for soaps so if you have any recommendations, do let me know.

By the way … anyone knows what’s wrong with Go Supernova and why Suprnova.org became supernova.org and started charging ??? I need my weekly soap dose … now it’s The OC and 8 simple rules. Let me know … Off to finish Ep 3

Thursday, November 18, 2004

YAY! I did it again.

I feel good, tenenenene
I knew that I would, tenenenene
I feel good, tenenenene
I knew that I would, tenenenene
So good *Pam Pam* so good *Pam* I got you Pam Pam Pam PAM

I feel nice, tenenenene
Like sugar and spice, teneneneneI feel nice, tenenenene
Like sugar and spice tenenenene
So nice *Pam Pam* so nice*Pam* I got you Pam Pam Pam PAM

Oh gee oh geee …… Woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed for once. Dree and Jimbo kindly gave me wake up calls. Usually, you don’t sound cheerful when someone wakes you up from slumber. In my case, I was EXTREMELY cheerful and bubbly on the phone … Something NONE of you would be if your beauty sleep was disturbed.

Anyhow I proceeded to the shower (YAY! Before my sister) and washed my hair. Took some time blowing my hair, dressed up, danced around the room before making a move. Went downstairs, disturbed my mom, gossiped, drank tea and started the car. I was pretty early, leaving the house at 8.15 and I expected a bad jam thinking that people would probably be going back to work but I was wrong … there was absolutely NO sign of jam ANYWHERE. Reached the office at about 8.40 and grabbed a NST and a Roti Telur at mamak below. Clocked in at 9am

Work was fine … Kinda. I Was still in the holiday mood when I traipsed into the office this morning. It took a little warming up and by noon I was all set and ready to boom. The usual work stuff happened … nothing extraordinary.

After work, had a drink with a friend at about 9pm. Dropped something off in Sunway before deciding to head to Subang for some foos. Called Jess and Dree, both were heading out in a while. Drove to rack and foosed a little before Dree came along. I succeeded in thrashing him 3 games in a row (and I am VERY proud of it) *giggle* Went over to Cafe 7 after that to meet up with Jess and Margaret, foosed a little and then went home.

Got home at around 1, chatted a little and then called it a night. YAY! I beat Dree ... I'm sooooooooooo gonna dream well tonight *Keeee Keeee Keeee*

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Damnit ... There goes the weekend

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The holidays came and went. Didn't acheive much.

Friday - WORK in office ended at 7, extra work at piano school ended at 9. Jess was at Point Xtreme (Sri Petaling) and so I decided to join her. She didn't drive so she hopped in when I decided the throat hurt too much and so I went to see the doctor. Got some medicine, decided that it was too good a Friday to stay home. Got all prettied up and was planning to head to Hartamas when the dreaded phone rang. Manager asked me to go in at 7.30 am Saturday to help out ... and so I took a few photos (as seen above) before changing back into home clothes and send Jess home.

Saturday - Woke up at 7.30, called colleague. He just woke up too ... Got to the office at about 8.30 and even had time for breakfast before he arrived. Finished off stuff at around 2 and headed to the colour separators with my Boss. Had a drink before saying goodbye and headed home. Jess came by later in the evening to lepak and play with the phone (hooked it up to my pc)
Headed to Breakers to FOOS soon after, pretty dead for a Saturday night. Euji dropped by, and then we had a mamak session with Michelle and Jimmy (of foos origins). A few drinks and a major gossip session, I ended up driving Jess's car home for the night.

Sunday - Woke up at 10.30, went to church with mommy dearest. Returned home and woke Jess up, met up with Rubeni, Bryan and Jonathan in 1 Utama. Walked, Talked, Ate, Bought a chipmunk ... FOOSED!!!
Got home around 11, Jess came up for like an hour before Sean texted me to play Mahjongg. Got there around 12, played til 2, Lost some 13 bucks (which contributed later on) to BaK KuT TeH in Kepong. Did that, went back to Sean's place and watched TV til late.

Monday - Woke up at noon, bought lunch, went home, helped mom with tarts, SLEPT~!

Tuesday - Woke up at 9, Found someone to have breakfast with. Drove to Cheras (Ethan's placE) and then went to Kajang for some scrumptious Wan Ton Mee (heaviest noodles in the world) and then back to his place to chill before heading home at about noon. Mom called to buy some stuff from the bakery supply so there I went, and bought lunch on the way home. Got home, helped with the Tarts and then sat in front of this idiotic screen for the longest time playing Brucey B Slots on Neopets. Forgot I had to teach so I sped over to Sri Petaling to teach for some 50 minutes and then came home. Jess dropped by for dinner and a shower before heading off to meet a friend (I guesS).

Headed to sleep now ... Would appreciate if someone could give me a wake up call at 7am tomorrow. Need to wash and blow my hair ..... GoodNight!!~!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Kongsi Gelap

Tis the season to be merry

Yup It's holiday time once again ... with our "semangat mubarak" and what not, this time Deepavali coincides with Hari Raya thus the name Kongsi Gelap (giggles)

I've been sick ... STILL sick YES!!!

Fuchsialowe will be taking a break ... away from everything .... and will be back on Wednesday so till then ... Selamat Berkongsi Gelap!

Monday, November 08, 2004

2nd Hand Sucker

I'm a 2nd hand sucker! Literally ...

Most of my life has been 2nd hand. I dressed with passed-over clothes, a lot of my stuff is 2nd hand .... my "new" speakers in the office are 2nd hand, and the latest addition is my Mobile Phone.

Despite the fact that it is 2nd hand, I still acknowledge it as having a NEW PHONE!! WooHoo .. and so ... I've been exploring the new age mobility, GPRS (tho outdated), WAP, Polyphonic ringtones and MMS!

No biggie tho ... just a Nokia 3100, passed on by Jess Darling.


*cough cough* *puff* *cough cough*

I just don't give up *grins*

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

25 Hours ...

Been home for 25 hours! New record ... WOW! 3 cigarettes, 12 litres of water, heaps of medicine and lots of sleep.

Attempting to swallow more pills ... finish my 3rd ciggy and then proceed to bang my head on the wall before knocking out.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Tis the season to be SICKLY

Geez ... I'm sneezing and coughing like a sick pig ... then again I AM a sick pig. All I want now is to KISS someone and pass him/her the virus so that everyone can be sick with me. Even better if the virus goes around the office ... then we can have an excursion to the doctor and get all of us MCs for the rest of the week.

Dreams .....

Beh Tahan (Cannot stand it)
Wanna go Knock Out. I'm broke to the last dollar so I've got NO WAY of getting cough medicine, flu pills or even petrol. Sigh ... It's all sad when u'r broke.