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Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Day Off!!

I took the day off work yesterday to re-sit a long forgotten paper in College. The subject was Pengajian Malaysia. I must admit the paper was rather easy for college standards BUT I wasn't prepared for the questions that came up and so I think I might just flunk this time round again.

Oh well, a day off work was quite ok with the earlier half of the day spent cramming FACTS into my shallow head followed by sitting in the exam hall for an hour following which I had a fruitful yumchar session with Jess and Euji. Yumchar ended at 10 to six and then I found myself sitting in a jam going home before having dinner with mom and sis.

NOBODY called NOBODY messaged so I decided to watch some movies and paint my nails. Did quite a good job, dark red with light blue flowers (stickers of course) and it looked pretty professional because mom asked when I went to the manicurist.

Nails dried, was in bed by 11. Looks like it's gonna be another boring night. My phone is sitting right next to me so CALL or SMS me to relieve my boredoom. Somebody!! ANYBODY ???????????


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