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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Cliantro ...

Clients… What bitches they are… Sometimes I wonder whether they have any sense of taste whatsoever. They lack judgment that no amount of Creative licenses can possibly cure. My work evolves around pleasing clients. Like we learnt in college … client is always right. After all, they pay my salaries …

Clients… I’ve gotten the knack of calling them first thing in the morning, irritating them with the silliest questions possible. At the end of the day, I aim to serve, client servicing is the job title!

Work work work … that’s what my life is all about. Work. Clients and work. Boss and work. Nothing great … just that.

My life has been reduced to this boring realm where all there is to me is work and simply work.

Was in Kajang on Saturday for Pei Lyn’s birthday party. Almost everyone I knew from school was there. Kajang changed quite a bit since I left … in it’s never ending effort to build and establish eateries in the town. As if Satay wasn’t enough … now they’ve a stand alone Pizza Hut and KFC outlet in the edge of town, big and yummy. As I drove into Sungai Chua, I passed ONE KFC outlet. That prompted me to ring someone up to query where the dinner will actually be. I was about to ask whether it was the Sungai Chua one or the Town one but she cut me short and said the one further up. I was scratching my head thinking where IS further up?? Then she says it’s near High School. I wriggle past Kajang traffic to arrive at this HUGE parking lot with a KFC and Pizza Hut right in the middle of it.

Kajang … the roads never change but the place does. I miss that good ol’ town~!!!!