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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

An AWESOME weekend!!!

Talk about being legal. I can now proudly flash my Identity Card to the guards in Genting stating that I'm LEGALLY and OFFICIALLY 21 years old. I'm now eligible for credit card applications. I can now vote! I'm TWENTY ONE!!! Imagine the joy I felt as Saturday night counted down to midnight. I had a party and A LOT of people turned up. I've yet to receive the pictures from that night but I will definitely put them in once I get my hands on them. Thanks guys for coming ... Lets see whether I remember all of you…

The gorgeous girlfriends: Chui Ling, Aileen, Shuh Huei, Rubeni, Amanda, Pei Lyn, Siew Rong, Charlene, Yin Har, Sonia, Christina
The loyal boyfriends: Eric, Jenn Kiat, Jonathan, Ah Yap
My faithful ‘brothers’: Sean, Euji, Matt, Isis, VJ,
SJ Foosers: Galvin, Dree, Kevin, Christina, Botak
My faithful IRCkawan: Kerol, Duncan, Gareth, Damien
And apologies to those I may have forgotten to mention

It was fun. I had fun. It’s good to be able to gather all your friends together in one place to have fun playing pool and catching up on old times over food and drinks. I really wished we could do more of this in future.

Sunday was pretty alright with me starting my day at 5pm. Got home and made myself look pretty before heading out for dinner with Mom and Sis at Chillis. Food was good as usual … ended up parking my car at Chui Ling’s place so that we could catch up on the last 24 hours gossip as we drove to KLIA to pick Errol up.

Monday was back to boring ol work. It’s just another boring Tuesday … and I predict a boring week ahead.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday a special and memorable one. I’ll be keeping these memories for a long time to come. *hugs*


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