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Sunday, September 12, 2004


I cut more hair today. Decided that its time for me to go for at least a little style in my hair so I dedicated some one hour of my time today to get most of my hair layered. I think Karen (the stylist) did a good and detailed job. I think it would look superb if I highlighted some parts of it but I guess I'll just stick to black for the moment.

Work has been fun although tiring. I was sent to deliver some artwork to Wangsa Maju on Thursday and then Daniel (my manager) took me to Klang to see our main client there. The drive to Klang was pretty long and I dread imagining the long journeys there.... as they are a main client ... I'm predicting a trip there at LEAST once a day, 3 times a week.

The challenge of my job - to make everyone happy. It’s tough being the one in the middle. As the servicing person, I'm required to be a negotiator, listener, motivator, instructor, translator and etc. The worst is getting bitched at by clients and then an earful from the designers. *sigh* Looks like its going to be a tough journey for me.

Friday came and I was pretty surprised to finish early. Got home at about 7.30 and had some dinner before heading out to OUG to deliver tarts to Aunty Ainul and then headed to Subang for Foos. Ended up in Sean’s place to lepak and watch some movies before heading home the next morning.

Got home and mom was waiting for me … decided to mop sweep and mop the floor and then took a shower and went to Sri Petaling to get my cheque sorted out. Ended up at the salon initially for a wash and eventually got a cut on top of that.

Came home to have lunch and lepakked in front of the PC for a while. Sean was busy so we didn’t get to go watch AvP and I took a nap. Woke up by an SMS from Sean asking me to get ready to go out to KL to see some one and then went back to his place to watch Footie and have dinner with his Mommy(well kinda). Headed to Subang at around 11 to foos at Rack and then got home an hour ago (12.30)

Gotta work tomorrow … will go sleep now. Good Night


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