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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


YAY! I made it to and through day 2 yet again. It would be rather necessary for me to prove my punctuality by arriving on time to work. There is no point in arriving early at the office as Nicole (who opens up) only arrives just before 9am.

Just got home from the mamak with Sean. He misses me … OWWW how sweet *giggle*

Woke up at about 7.30 this morning and jumped into the shower to start my daily routine. Started the car at about 8 and was out by 8.10am. Arrived promptly at 8.50 and the office wasn’t open yet so I took a stroll over to 7-11 to get the papers and then stopped by the nasi lemak stall outside that to get a packet of breakfast.

Clocked in at 8.59am and ate my nasi lemak while reading the NST. Finished that and crossed checked some work before Vin Sie got in and Gan too not long after. They were hungry and none of the bosses were in so we casually went down to the mamak from some foodie. Roy (another designer) arrived just as we were about to ascend to the office and decided to join him for round 2 at that same mamak at that same table (they haven’t even cleared the cups yet). We chatted a little before Nicole called saying that Daniel called saying that there was work to be rushed. Gan went up first followed by Vin Sie and Me and then Roy came up not long after.

Sat with Vin Sie for a while observing her work almost till lunchtime. We had lunch at some Chinese restaurant (RESTAURANT not KOPITIAM). Lunch cost me 6.40 because I ordered one of the cheapest (RM5.00) dish on the menu (Singapore Bee Hoon) and a Chinese Tea. Everyone except Ryan was there.

Went back to the office and continued to hang around Vin Sie. Daniel briefed me on what the client said that morning and I proceeded to cross check some information and photocopied what I need for next week’s job. My PC arrived today after lunch. Didn’t get to touch it too soon as I had to finish some work first. It’s a Dell, don’t quite remember the specs but how bad can a new PC possibly get right???

As soon as I set up the pc, I proceeded to type something out and then was in and out of the photography studio looking for products to be photographed. Doesn’t sound like I did much right? Well my day really started after lunch so it wasn’t too bad after all. Daniel is gradually handing over the account to me so tomorrow I’ve got to prepare for next week’s job already. My grammar is all over the place … I’m tired … Remind me to pack an ashtray. I get to smoke at my desk. Cool or what??? Hoping to get a network connection soon …….. Selamat Malam!


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