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Monday, September 06, 2004

No More Stilletoes!!

First day at work and I already stayed till 9. Thank God for mothers as they never fail to have such punctuality to wake you up when you’re supposed to. My alarm clock rang a tad too early which sent me snoozing till about 7 when mom stormed into my room to kick my A**. Got up and about and was out of the house by 7.45

Expected a heavy traffic flow seeing that it’s a Monday but there wasn’t much jam along the Federal Highway until I reached Dewan Bahasa. I suddenly remembered a back route David Tall took me on before and that took me to the Pandan Roundabout and thence to work by 8.15. I was extremely early so I bought the papers and had a cuppa before heading up to the office at 8.50 or so.

Nicole, the operations manager attended to me and saw that I signed the agreement and took me on a tour of the office. Nothing great about the place … the company is called Monogram Concepts and it’s a rather small and basic Ad Agency. It has one major client that simply keeps everyone on their toes all the time. The company consists of 10 people including myself. Most of the people including the MD are pretty much young … with Ryan (The MD) looking not more than 35 years of age.

Well the first day blues were over by lunch when I warmed up to most of the people there. I’m glad to have a familiar face to turn to in the office. Vin Sie was a senior in college and she happens to work there too. She’s also glad to have another gal pal in the company as there was only her and Nicole previously.

Daniel is a little cool and Ryan is nice. I was pretty much comfortable by the end of the day and I did not hesitate to stay longer then expected as I felt comfy there. I keep thinking that I’m an intern and I don’t deserve much attention then I kick myself and realize that I’m not just an intern … I’m an Executive (WOOHOO!!!) The position is a newly formed one so there wasn’t even a desk for me when I got there. I was lucky though, as the desk arrived after lunch and Nicole gave me a small pen stand with some stationary for me to start off with. I am expecting a PC to arrive within these few days. I think there will be a network connection for me but my boss sits right behind me so I doubt there will be much chance for me to even switch on my MSN at work. Oh well … It doesn’t bother me much. I’m there to work remember???

Anyway … I think I will snuggle under the covers and eventually fall asleep. Adieu !!


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