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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Happy Independence Day Malaysians!

What better way to countdown to the 31st than by foosing *giggle*. Yup ... it was a night of foosing for me last night. I got to cafe7 pretty early to find the place surprisingly empty. Hung around talking to Valerie (bumped into her there) whilst waiting for Jess and Errol to arrive.

It was a fun gang that night with the boys around (i.e. Edmund, Arnold and Davern) and the usual battle to keep winning in order to hold the table. Jess and I went to Rafi’s to grab a bite where Errol joined us then after.

Errol wasn’t feeling well so they left for home after mamak. BTW … its been a year since Jess and Errol got together and I must say
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!
It seems like these two have know each other for ages but it’s only been a year. Jess + Errol = Jerrol. Well guys… I really think you two make a lovely couple and I hope that things will be good between the two of you forever ya ?? !! (psst psst .. when can I carry my “Real” Kai Chai and Kai Lui ??

Anywayz … returned to cafe7 after the mamak and Leon, Reuben, Derrick and Kenny were foosing (GASP!) in their rather drunken stupor. I think those guys should go on an alcohol diet because what they played last night was REAL FOOSBALL hehe.
I finally dragged my ass away from that place to head home at about 3.30 am. Got home and plonked myself in front of the PC and played FreeCell till about 4.30.

I woke up this morning at around 11.30 to find the house empty. Then I remembered mom did walk in earlier to tell me she’s going off to Aunt Anne’s place to play some mahjong. Switched on the pc and played more FreeCell and then decided to take a walk. Giant is too boring and so is amcorp so clever me simply had to drive herself to jam-packed Mid Valley where she spent not more than 30 minutes at.

Got home and watched some telly when Sean called to go have dinner. We went to Ming Tien in Taman Megah followed by an evening stroll in Atria.

Tomorrow will be baking day … I intend to bake cookies …. So I’ll TRY to stick to the plan. Off to play more FreeCell now … Nite nite


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